Guide to Cross Flow Fans

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Cross flow fans, also called squirrel cage fans or tangential fans, are long, cylindrical fan units that can move large volumes of air to aid in ventilation and circulation. From the side, the..


How to Select a Cooling Fan

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How to Select the Right Cooling Fan

In many devices and systems, the buildup of heat can lead to reduced performance, prematurely deteriorated components and materials, and increased safety risks...


Water Resistant DC Fans for Harsh Environments

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Operating in harsh conditions can present serious challenges for companies across various industries, but deadlines must be met no matter how extreme the environment. Severe weather, in particular,..


Ensure Mobile Satellite Communications | Pelonis Tech

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While most of us understand the basics of satellite communications such as a TV signal sent from space, it can be hard to envision the satellite itself as a piece of working machinery. For one, most..


Industrial Cooling Fan System Applications | Pelonis Tech

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The question of how to provide the best cooling for industrial applications has been around since the earliest days of the industrial revolution. When equipment is functioning at a high level, it..


Most Common Questions About Fan Selection

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Are you looking for a cooling fan for your industrial operation? We’re in the business of helping to answer the numerous questions that develop when it comes time to choose a new fan or blower. Here..


Ball Bearing and Sleeve Bearing Fans

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What are Ball Bearing and Sleeve Bearing Fans?

Ball bearing and sleeve bearing fans are particularly useful for cooling and industrial applications as they exhibit a lower level of friction and are..


Choosing The Right Fan | Pelonis Technologies

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The biggest factor facing the longevity and efficiency of cooling fan motors inevitably concerns the ability of equipment to handle demands of friction and heat stress. A cooling dc fan motor could..


Fans & Blowers Market Growth | Pelonis Technologies, Inc.

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As in the U.S., the European manufacturing industry suffered deep consequences as a result of the recession of 2008.

Construction projects slowed or came to a complete halt, which hurt all sectors of..


Using Cooling Fans for 3D Printing

Posted by Sam Pelonis | Dec 12, 2013 11:48:24 AM | 3 Comments

Though 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, the process has only just begun to enter mainstream society.  A 3D printer works by depositing material, such as PLA thermoplastics, in layers until..