Reverse flow fans are designed for use in air ventilation systems that necessitate airflow movement in reverse and forward directions, as well as equipment requiring several fans for air exchange. At Pelonis Technologies, our reverse flow fans feature highly efficient impeller designs and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) speed controls for optimal management of power consumption. Available in numerous sizes, we can provide standard or customized reverse flow fans to meet the needs of various airflow applications.

How Reverse Flow Fans Work

Reverse flow fans offer dynamic 2-way air movement for ventilation, allowing air to be pulled into or exhausted from a space to maintain optimal temperature conditions. Reverse flow fans can either be installed within a hood system between the inside and outside wall sections, or in a facility's duct section. Because these fans feature built-in PWM speed control, they enable the raising or lowering of airflow as needed.


Reverse flow fans from Pelonis Technologies come with numerous beneficial features. They can also be customized to suit specific application requirements. Key features of our reverse flow fans include:

Compact Designs Allow for Effective Cooling

Reverse flow fans from Pelonis come in sizes ranging from 92mm to 136mm. They are especially effective for heat exchange systems that need both air exhaust and intake, as well as situations requiring airflow pathway control to prevent obstructions. They also offer the ideal solution for applications that must comply with commercial or residential building codes for fresh air ventilation. Because of their compact design, our reverse flow fans can replace multiple fans in equipment with limited space and where reduced costs are important.

Multi-Blade Designs for High Airflow Applications

Our reverse flow fans come with a rugged cylindrical housing that protects the unit while easily fitting into standard duct systems. Their custom blade design reduces noise and allows for optimal airflow.

Intelligent Control and Efficiency

Featuring integrated PWM speed control, our reverse flow fans offer dynamic 2-way ventilation for smooth operation and optimized airflow efficiency. PWM speed control also reduces energy consumption and allows for airflow adjustment. In addition, our reverse flow fans include tachometer controls that facilitate fan speed monitoring.


Reverse flow fans from Pelonis Technologies include the following specifications:

  • 12V and custom voltages
  • Compliance with RoHS
  • Dimensional sizes from 92 to 136 mm
  • Dual ball bearings
  • High operating temperatures
  • Long lifespan


Reverse air flow fans are suitable for a range of airflow applications. For example, they can be used in outdoor applications that normally involve air intake in one direction. By periodically reversing airflow, these fans can prevent air pathways from becoming clogged with environmental debris. This helps to reduce costs associated with maintenance and repairs. Reverse flow fans can also be used in equipment where seasonal environmental changes necessitate varying airflow for air intake and exhaust.

Other common applications for reverse flow fans from Pelonis include:

  • Situations requiring a “confidence check” to verify the operation of airflow monitoring sensors
  • Applications requiring dynamic control of airflow pathways where large airflow check valves can’t be integrated
  • HVAC applications requiring the occasional intake of environmental air for building code compliance
  • Vending machines
  • Lighting
  • Cooler display cases

In virtually all of these applications, reverse flow fans can include features like alarm monitoring and tachometers to provide complete control.

Learn More About Reverse Flow Fans

Because reverse flow fans can facilitate air movement in both reverse and forward directions, they have many unique applications across several industries. Pelonis Technologies offers reverse air flow fans in various sizes with PWM speed control and other beneficial features such as custom voltages, tachometers, and more.

With over 25 years of experience delivering innovative air movement solutions, Pelonis Technologies can provide you with high-quality reverse flow fans to meet your particular needs. For more information about our reverse flow fans and other products, contact us or request a quote today.

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