For the highest level of efficient air movement, Pelonis blowers are known throughout the industry for their durability and exceptional performance. 

AC blowers are made from reinforced plastic with an aluminum-alloy frame and feature a capacitor-run induction motor and a ball bearing system. Brushless DC motor blowers are constructed of reinforced plastic and galvanized steel.

Available in standard or high-efficiency models, Pelonis blowers are suitable for a variety of applications. Numerous configurations and options such as tachometer, rotation detection, OV protection, alarm output, and thermal speed control are available.

Pelonis Technologies' innovative compact blowers include standard designs that are all uniquely engineered for high quality, value, and performance meeting the needs of today's demanding applications. PTI also offers the TITAN series for high-end equipment designs that can be customized for specific applications. Because they incorporate "Intelligent Motion Controls", these blowers boost end-system performance and safeguard long-term reliability.

By adding Ingress Protection, Titan blowers can be fabricated to stand up to the most rugged of environments. Ingress Protection is a parylene coating that protects the fans. With the coating, the fan can withstand harsh weather, extreme environments, as well as dust and moisture. Additional features that can be added are Automatic Temperature Control, Auto Start, Rotation Detector, Tachometer, Life Detection, Voltage Signal Control, and more. With various PTI controls aspects such as voltage fluctuations from power supplies can be reduced. Additionally, protection is enhanced, and optimum performance is ensured.

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