Pelonis Technologies designs innovative technologies built to make agriculture easier. Single wheel drives (also called individual wheel drives) can split a single drive power equally among multiple different wheels so each one can move independently of the others. This gives operators far more control over traction support in poor weather conditions and over poor soil or muddy surfaces. This extends the time frames for field work into rainy seasons and allows work to continue after heavy storms.

Along with single-wheel drive solutions like the new AgroWheel Drive, Pelonis Technologies also provides specialty motion control systems and motors for use across all major industries. Learn more about the capabilities of the AgroWheel Drive and how it can extend your organization's agricultural capabilities.

1kW Electric Wheel Drive Specifications

Our 1kW AgroWheel Drive is a fully electric actuator that integrates with electronic control systems for fluid, dynamic movement. The system integrates a position sensor and holding brake with a brushless PM DC motor and gearbox. The hardware is built to generate high levels of power while minimizing backlash so the system performs reliably across a long lifespan. Its integrated design promises a zero-maintenance lifecycle of 15,000 operational hours.

Specifications for each unit include the following:

  • Power Levels: Up to 1kW at low voltages
  • Torque: Provides a peak torque of up to 200 N.m (147.5 ft/lb)
  • Speed: Up to 120 RPM
  • Dimensions (length x diameter): 191mm x 147mm

The gearbox is a sealed unit, built for a maintenance-free lifespan, and it has a high IP rating for use outdoors. Each wheel drive is built to be easily integrated with existing equipment for immediate use.

Advantages of Electric Gear Drive Motors

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AgroWheel Drive

Single-wheel drive gives users much more control over the movement of farming equipment, especially in bad weather or poor field conditions. Additional benefits of opting for an electric gear drive motor include:

  • High Torque Output: Geared systems have a multiplicative effect on the amount of torque a system can generate, allowing them to outperform basic motors.
  • Downsize: Because of the high levels of torque gear motors can generate, the motors can be proportionately smaller while still providing the equivalent power to standard motors.
  • Speed Reduction: Gearheads are a reliable, time-tested method for reducing and controlling speed.
  • High Resolution: Gear drive motors with a high gear ratio allow for very fine-tuned control because of the multiple incremental steps required per revolution.
  • Drive Large Inertial Loads: Geared motors can handle much bigger inertial loads than standard motors
  • Shorter Positioning Time: While geared motors may have a higher positioning time than standard motors at low inertia ratios, the capabilities flip as the ratio grows larger. For large inertial loads typically found in industrial applications, geared motors provide faster positioning.
  • Improved Damping Characteristics: Geared motors can better dampen and control large or quickly accelerating inertial loads.
  • Increased Rigidity: Gears increase a system's resistance to torsional forces and have more holding power.
  • Increased Axial and Radial Loads: Because geared motors are stronger and more rigid than standard motors, both the thrust and overhung loads increase.
  • Surface Installation of Load: Depending on the design of the motor system, loads can be easily mounted in place.

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