Guide to Cross Flow Fans

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Cross flow fans, also called squirrel cage fans or tangential fans, are long, cylindrical fan units that can move large volumes of air to aid in ventilation and circulation. From the side, the..


Introduction to Heat Pipes and Heat Sinks

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Electronic devices as well as mechanical or powered machinery generate large amounts of heat during regular operation. If not managed well, this excess, or waste, heat can damage delicate components..


How Planetary Gear Reducers Deliver More With Less

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Planetary gear reducers are compact devices that use several gear stages to distribute load and power, resulting in decreased power loss and friction. These components maximize torque while reducing..

How to Choose the Right Brushed DC Motor for Your Application

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Brushed DC motors are powerful, versatile tools built for a wide range of vehicles, heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and other applications. Because there are so many options available on the..


Differences Between Axial Fans & Centrifugal Fans

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Systems that generate heat require cooling fans to avoid overheating and subsequent breakdowns. This typically means choosing between a centrifugal fan vs. axial fan. To make the best choice, it’s..


AgroWheel Drive: Electric Propulsion for Agricultural Automation

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As technologies continue to advance, the agricultural sector is seeing significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. One primary shift in the industry is its adoption of electrification..


What are BLDC Motors?

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Brushless DC motors, or BLDC motors, are a type of motor that utilizes a DC electric power supply. A primary benefit of BLDC motors is that they are commutated electronically rather than using..


Comparing the Efficiency of Different Electric Motor Types

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Electric motors are one of the largest sources of energy consumption in electromechanical systems. Optimally converting electrical to mechanical energy has a far-reaching impact on both mechanical..


How Micro Motors Help Power Robotic Applications

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Robots are intelligent machines used to assist humans by performing repetitive tasks and reducing instances of human error. By automating simple tasks, robots save time and money, allowing human..


Fans and Blowers for Medical Equipment Industry

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Fans and Blowers for Medical Equipment Industry

Virtually every system in a medical setting is required to provide no-failure performance throughout emergency situations and to provide long-term..