In industrial and commercial facilities, maintaining airflow in air distribution, conditioning/heating, and purification systems is essential. Achieving this goal necessitates employing high-quality components, such as centrifugal fans, that meet the unique needs of the system. 

The following article provides an overview of centrifugal fans with forward curve blades, outlining their key characteristics and the advantages of using them. 


Fundamentals of AC Centrifugal Fans 

Centrifugal fans, also sometimes referred to as blowers, differ from axial fans in how airflow enters and exits the impeller. In an axial fan, airflow enters and exits parallel to the impeller axis. In contrast, in a centrifugal fan, air enters along the axis but exits perpendicular to the axis toward the outer circumference of the fan. This distinction allows centrifugal fans to produce higher pressures and more consistent airflow through tubing and ductwork, making them the ideal solution for ducted air-moving systems of various types. 

Difference Between Backward Curve and Forward Curve Fan Blades

Centrifugal fans can be further classified by the curve of their blades:

  • Backward curve blades cause airflow to exit the fan radially
  • Forward curve blades cause airflow to exit the fan tangentially from the circumference

Some common characteristics to look for in a forward curved centrifugal fan are a cylindrical shape and numerous small blades located on the circumference of the impeller. Their primary applications include use in air purification systems, HVAC equipment, industrial automation, and medical products.

Why Choose AC Centrifugal Fans With Forward Curve Blades?

Centrifugal fans with forward curve blades come in single inlet (drawing air in from only one side) or dual inlet (drawing air in from both sides) configurations. Single inlet models offer steeper fan characteristics, which allows them to maintain constant volume flow when faced with increasingly high pressures. On the other hand, dual inlet models offer higher volume follows when used in low-pressure systems.  

When used in air conditioning applications, these fans offer the following advantages: 

  • Higher pressures capabilities (with single inlet models)
  • Greater flow capabilities (with dual inlet models)
  • Best airflow volume in relation to size and speed

Ask the Experts at PTI for Fan Selection Assistance

Choosing the right fan is often critical to the overall performance of a system. While the selection process can be daunting, the experts at Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) can help. 

At PTI, we develop and manufacture innovative product solutions for industrial and commercial applications, including centrifugal fans. They find application in a wide range of equipment and systems, including: 

• Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
• Rooftop-mounted HVAC fan coil systems
• Air purification systems for environmental infection control
• Residential dehumidifying systems


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