Pelonis Technologies offers a range of heaters for diverse applications. This includes our new Ultra-Thin Flexible heaters, as well as a full line of PTC heaters. Read more about each of these below or click on the links at the bottom of the page to view additional details. 

Positive Temperature Coefficient ("PTC") heaters by Pelonis Technologies are specialized heating discs that enable superior heat transfer in a small space. Made from an advanced ceramic material, PTC heaters enable safe, powerful, and energy efficient heat transfer.

PTC heaters are available as a Fin element or in a Honeycomb form. By combining honeycomb PTC heaters with a PTC holder assembly, the heating elements can be configured to produce greater heat output. PTC heaters are used in a wide variety of applications across many industries.


Fin PTC Air Heaters

Fin PTC Air heaters, in particular, offer a range of unique benefits. Because they are self-regulating, there’s no risk of overheating, which allows for better conductivity, greater efficiency, and a longer life span while ensuring stable electronic response. Extremely versatile, these heaters are offered in various designs, including low air resistance models and high heating efficiency models; they can also be designed with either single or double insulation. Double insulation, in particular, allows for safe, efficient use underwater. Featuring fast thermal response time, low inrush current, and internal safety-fuse protection, as well as auto-cut-off to prevent abnormally high currents, Fin PTC Air Heaters are specifically designed for optimal safety. Available in a range of sizes based on customer needs, Fin PTC Air Heaters can be customized with outer frames, fuses, protective shields, and axial cooling fans.


Honeycomb PTC Air Heaters

Safe and energy-efficient Pelonis' specialty Honeycomb PTC heating disc is made from a revolutionary semiconductor ceramic material that has a very high Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC). The application of power on the PTC, resistance is initially decreased and temperature increased. The disc has over 1,200 holes that heat the majority of the airflow across the surface area of the disc. This generates a massive heat transfer in a small space which produces an instantaneous flow of heat up to 50% hotter than ceramic chip or conventional coil heaters.

The honeycomb disc is very safe and functions below the combustion point of paper. Honeycomb holder assemblies hold 3, 4, or 5 disc configurations producing up to 2000 watts of heat output. Choose among the various Pelonis ready assemblies or customize according to specific application needs.

PTC Thermistors

Typically used in small applications, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) air heaters provide secure, effective heat transfer. PTC heaters make use of thermistors — a type of resistor that depends on temperature — to increase resistance as temperature rises.

Pelonis manufactures thermistors in three standard shapes — round, rectangular, and square — and can create custom sizes and configurations to fit unique application requirements or accommodate specific order quantities. These specialized thermistors are unique in that they’re used as self-regulating heating elements in our PTC air heaters.

Pelonis’ PTC air heaters are offered in two designs — fin and honeycomb. Likewise, there are two kinds of PTC thermistors: silistors and switching-type. Silistors use silicon as their conductive material, and are known for their linear characteristics. These thermistors are typically are used as temperature sensors.

Switching-type PTC thermistors, on the other hand, are non-linear. When they’re heated, the resistance decreases until it reaches a certain temperature, then subsequently increases. Switching-type thermistors are widely used in PTC heaters, sensors, and other devices, especially as PTC self-regulating heaters.


PTC Conductors

Serving as safe, energy-efficient solutions for many different product designs, PTC heat conductors and natural convection heaters are available in a range of sizes and mounting options to allow for quick, easy installation.

These heaters offer high heating efficiency while ensuring optimal reliability. They also provide high heat retention and can easily maintain a constant temperature. Their silver-coated components ensure a long service life, better conductivity, and stable electronic response. PTC heat conductors and convection heaters are also insensitive to voltage fluctuation, and emit no smell or radiation.

PTC heat conductors and natural convection heaters are used in a wide range of applications, such as motherboards for computers and other electronic devices, steam irons, medical devices, beauty treatments, moisture control, frost protection, and medium- to low-heating products.

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