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Industrial Applications for Your Immersion Heater

kc-series-immersion-heaterImmersion heaters, also known as bayonet heaters, are electrically powered direct contact heating devices used to heat material inside a container. They are versatile, able to be used in a variety of applications and processes where the temperature of oils, solutions, heat transfer fluids, and other liquids must be regulated. Electric immersion heaters often replace other types of furnaces like fuel-based fluid heaters, reactors, infrared, microwave, and resistance heaters. Industrial immersion heaters play an important role in many sectors, from food and agriculture to chemical applications and more.

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Top 4 Benefits of EC Fans

EC Fan

An electronically commutated (EC) fan design delivers the combined benefits of AC and DC Fans. The EC fan's power comes from a brushless DC motor, but it offers the control that AC induction fans have over the fan rotor through a printed circuit board. The electronically commutated fan's DC motor has the advantage of a variable speed control built-in.

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Choosing the Right IMC Solution to Protect Fan and Blower Systems

Intelligent Motion Control (IMC) solutions modify the start-up and continuous power in brushless DC fans and blowers. These systems control every element of the equipment's functionality with multi-featured, full-wave, in-board circuit designs to ensure each piece of equipment is protected from abnormal or harmful voltage conditions. Not only can the IMC solution control how much power is run through the fan and blower systems on start-up, but they can also provide early warnings about fan malfunctions and energy usage.

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IMC Solutions: A Closer Look At Rotation Detector, Life Detection, DC Voltage Signal Control, and Current Source Signal Control

Image result for pelonis blower/fanAdding intelligent motion controls (IMC) to your fan or blower design can maximize your system’s performance. There are several types of IMC solutions available to add functionality to your fans and blowers. Four of the solutions include a rotation detector, life detection, DC voltage signal control, and current source signal control. In this post, we will discuss each of these solutions.

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The Difference Between AC Fans & DC Fans

The direct current fans, or DC fans, are powered with a potential of fixed value such as the voltage of a battery. Typical voltage values for DC fans are, 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V.

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The Different Types of Fans Used in the HVAC Industry

A fan is a key component of any HVAC system. The most common HVAC fans are axial, forward-curved centrifugal, and backward-inclined, and each is uniquely suited to certain purposes. It’s important to understand each fan’s differences in energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and noise considerations. The wrong fan for the job could lead to reduced functionality and higher costs. Here’s what you need to know about the various fans for HVAC systems.

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Our Innovative J Series Crossflow Fans

Crossflow fans are used to stop components from overheating in a wide variety of commercial and industrial products. These fans are typically long, narrow, and use rotating impeller blades to push a steady flow of cooling air over internal components inside protective product housings.

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How Intelligent Motion Controls Use Automated Processes to Make HVAC Processes Greener and More Efficient

Brushless DC fans and blowers need optimal motion control. When complex or demanding applications need precise levels of output, intelligent motion control systems can keep parts safe while still ensuring high-quality production cycles. These intelligent motion controls (IMCs) have in-board circuits that use programmable, information-gathering features to develop air movement “intelligence” and learn how the parts need to operate in different environments.

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Common Questions About Intelligent Motor Controls

Automation technology has improved by leaps and bounds recently, allowing manufacturers to more efficiently cut expenses and avoid maintenance delays. In the industrial fan and blower field, recent advances have allowed facility managers a greater degree of automation ability over their brushless DC fans and blowers.

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Food and Beverage Industry Applications

Every aspect of the food and beverage industry, from production to retail sales, must meet strict safety guidelines. This is especially critical when processing and storing food and beverage products. Whether you work with bulk grains, meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, or animal feed, every item that moves through food and beverage processing and distribution centers must adhere to industry and governmental standards so that producers can safeguard customer health.

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