Custom DC Fans for the Medical Industry

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In the medical industry, heart monitors are commonly used in patient care. These precision devices are recognized for the notable benefits they provide.

The use of heart monitors enables healthcare practitioners to recognize heart irregularities a patient may have. With this constant monitoring, practitioners can quickly attend to any potentially life-threatening issues.

dc-fanPreventative medical care has become progressively more demanding, and as such, devices like heart monitors must provide higher levels of performance. Unfortunately, improving the performance of a medical device does not necessarily improve its reliability.

At Pelonis Technologies, we have manufactured heating and cooling custom solutions for many years—and these solutions are frequently used to deliver enhanced reliability to medical applications. The case study below documents our manufacturing of a DC brushless fan for use in the medical industry.


A medical company came to Pelonis needing a specialized, high-efficiency DC fan. This fan was to be used to cool the system componentry of a heart monitor machine. In addition to providing adequate cooling, the fan needed a variable air flow speed and custom wire connections and labeling.


Our engineering team designed an 80x80x15mm DC fan capable of operating at 48 volts. Along with the client’s distinct specifications, we utilized 2D CAD drawings to conceptualize the product.

The manufactured DC fan was tested meticulously for proper airflow, static pressure, speed, and power. Additionally, the DC fan passed dimensional and functionality inspections.


With a short turnaround of 12 weeks, Pelonis delivered the new fan directly to the client’s door. Our DC fan offered an exceptional air efficiency of 40.7 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a water pressure of 0.020 inches. The DC brushless fan was also fitted with Pulse Width Modulation to control the fan’s speed manually.

Heat management is a key concern of medical device users. Pelonis’ extensive industrial experience was instrumental in not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of this medical company. For more information about the cooling fans available for your industry or application, download our eBook, How to Select a Cooling Fan.

Download How to Select a Cooling Fan

There is no room for error when manufacturing products for medical applications. If your company needs a custom solution, please contact Pelonis Technologies today. 


New Pelonis Products | Pelonis Technologies

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For more than 25 years, Pelonis Technologies has been a leader in supplying cooling and heating elements for industrial and commercial applications. In the pursuit of innovation, we regularly add new, high-quality products to our already substantial range of fully customizable fans, blowers, heaters, and accessories.

Screen_Shot_2015-05-13_at_8.02.38_PMA full list of our products, including our most recent developments, is available in our newly-updated Product Summary catalog, available now.

Here is a brief preview of what you will find:


Pelonis offers a large selection of fans designed for various commercial and industrial uses, many of which can be customized.

Axial AC fans are designed to operate quietly over a long, maintenance-free lifetime. Brushless DC fans are compact, energy efficient, and fully customizable. Micro fans are as small as 15mm and run on as few as 3V. 

Pelonis Technologies offers a line of larger high-performance fans designed specifically for use in very demanding applications and weather resistant fans and brushless DC fans treated with a multi-level protective coating. We also produce a variety of other fans, such as fan trays, crossflow fans, HVAC fans, and automotive fans. 


Pelonis Technologies produces a reliable line of compact and micro blowers. Highly effective and energy efficient, blowers are ideal for cooling in sensitive technical applications, such as computers, telecommunications equipment, and servers. The Pelonis range of DC blowers, AC blowers and Micro blowers offer a range of soultions to numerous applications.

Heating Elements

Pelonis offers a wide-ranging selection of versatile heating elements, including Infrared Ceramic, Ultra-Thin, and PTC heaters. They are designed for use in fields as varied as the medical and aerospace-defense industries. 

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters can be used for both heating and temperature sensing applications. Several models can be combined with fans to create customized heaters. PTC Heaters allow for safe ambient heating without fans.

EMF-free, Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters provide thermal stability through a wide range of operating environments, making them well-suited for diverse applications in the aerospace and defense industries. Infrared ceramic heaters are ideal for medical applications.


To complement our lines of fans and blowers, we have a wide range of accessories. Both wire and plastic fan guards are available for most fan models, as are filtration kits and replacements. Power cords are available in various degree configurations and lengths, including custom lengths for any application requirement.

Pelonis also offers replacement rotors for forward curve centrifugal and in-line fans, highly energy efficient micro motors with low EMI and long operating life, and AC induction motors design for quiet operation.

New Products

Our updated Product Summary catalog includes information on some of our newest products, launched this year. 

Our new High-Temperature Immersion Heaters, safe and environmentally friendly, can heat up to 1200°C. Submerged, they can reach up to 98% heat efficiency.

Pelonis has also released a new lineup of temperature controllers.

Designed with Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters in mind, micro temperature controllers are small, lightweight, and can be used with any product in small spaces. Digital Temperature Time Controllers are designed for precision and can be used with virtually any Pelonis product. 4-Phase temperature time controllers use PWM to control power input.

For more information on Pelonis Technologies’ newest products, as well as our reliable lines of tried and true fans, heaters, blowers, and accessories, download our updated Product Summary guide or contact us today.

Summary Catalog

High Temp Ceramic Immersion Heater | Pelonis Tech

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Industrial and commercial heating applications are considerably demanding. Though there are many options to choose from, heating solutions often fall short of consumer expectations. Today, it’s not enough to simply meet application requirements—you should strive to exceed them.

Advancements in heat technology have facilitated the creation of highly efficient and versatile products—these products are better suited for modern heating. As a leading manufacturer of specialized heating products, Pelonis Technologies is proud to announce our latest innovation: Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters.

immersion-heatersOur immersion heaters are designed to accommodate several applications, which include: central heating systems, steam generation, ignition devices, solar heater support, and much more. These heaters boast higher efficiency and thermal conductivity as compared to other heating elements (either metallic or non-metallic).

Performance of Immersion Heaters

Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters are versatile enough for use in both air and underwater. In dry environments, these products are capable of heating up to 1200°C (2192°F); underwater, they can reach up to 98% heating efficiency. These ceramic heating elements are very compact and can be installed into small devices with little effort.

Immersion heaters are completely self-regulating and have desirable insulation properties; this affords the ability to withstand voltages of 2500 volts as well as corrosive, acidic conditions. Additionally, our immersion heaters are safe to use, and do not negatively affect the environment.

Our Solutions:

Regardless of the location, immersion heaters deliver superior performance. Pelonis’ line of immersion heaters features K Series and KC Series products.

k-series-immersion-heaterK Series Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters have the following operating specifications:

  • Thicknesses of 4mm
  • Rated voltages ranging from 110Vto 220V
  • Rated power in Water: 210W to 1500W
  • Rated Power in Air: 100W to 600W
  • Temperature range in Air: 400°C (752°F) to > 1200°C

kc-series-immersion-heaterKC Series Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters include:

  • Thicknesses of 4mm
  • Rated voltages ranging from 110Vto 220V
  • Rated power in Water: 500W to 3000W
  • Rated Power in Air: 220W to 360W
  • Temperature range in Air: 650°C (1202°F) to 1200°C

Choose an Immersion Heater Today

PTI’s immersion heaters are lightweight, compact, and provide high efficiency and safety to any application. These heaters are resilient enough to ensure long, trouble-free operation.

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Please visit Pelonis Technologies’ Immersion Heater Page for more information, and be sure to peruse our product catalog. If you have any questions pertaining to any of our heating solutions, feel free to contact us.