Frameless fans are unique cooling solutions designed to accommodate limited spaces by removing the bulky surrounding frame. At Pelonis Technologies, we offer custom and standard frameless fans to meet the needs of various industries and small-scale applications. With a wide range of sizes and performance features available, we can deliver application-specific frameless fans that provide optimal reliability and performance.

Frameless Fans Explained

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Frameless Fans

Frameless fans are a flexible solution for applications that have space limitations and require efficient cooling. As part of our AC, DC, and micro fan product line, Pelonis Technologies offers high-quality frameless fans that are specially designed for mounting onto smaller products or into enclosures with minimal space. In addition to providing excellent space savings, frameless fans also offer effective cooling and the versatility to mount onto a wide range of surfaces.

To meet application-specific requirements, frameless fans from Pelonis Technologies are available with optional add-ons, such as proprietary or dual ball bearings designed to prolong the fan’s lifespan and optimize reliability. To further enhance fan performance, users can add pulse width modulation speed control or a tachometer for improved cooling and monitoring. Our frameless fans are available in standard or custom configurations to accommodate the necessary features for the intended application.

Benefits of Frameless Fans

In addition to providing optimal space efficiency, frameless fans from Pelonis Technologies offer several key benefits, including:

  • Cost-effective. Because they generate less friction, frameless fans benefit from decreased noise levels and prolonged lifespans. They also require less power, meaning the battery will last longer for portable applications.
  • Low-noise and pleasing aesthetic. Compared to fans with frames, frameless fans have a more aesthetic design similar to that of a ceiling fan. They also produce less noise due to their decreased mechanical friction.
  • Broad temperature range. Frameless fans can function in a wide range of operating temperatures, from -10°C to 70°C. Custom models can operate between -35°C and 90°C.
  • Flexible design. Frameless fans are available with various design features like pulse width modulation speed control, tachometers, and specialized ball bearings. They also come with protection against salt fog, moisture, and dust.

Applications of Frameless Fans

Various industries and small-scale applications depend on frameless fans, including:

  • Medical. Small and portable medical devices and wearable technologies benefit from our frameless fans due to their thin, lightweight, and quiet design.
  • Military. Frameless fans offer a more lightweight and compact solution for military applications such as power supplies, phones, and backpacks used for mobile power.
  • Food and Beverage. Our frameless fans are ideal for use in everyday defrosting, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration products.
  • Miscellaneous Electronics. Almost any electronic device that uses a framed fan can benefit from a frameless fan. Our fans can make portable hard drives, mobile devices, laptops, computer servers, and circuit boards more energy-efficient, quiet, light, and compact.

Frameless Fans From Pelonis Technologies

Frameless fans are a lightweight, compact, and efficient solution for applications that demand high-performance cooling in a limited space. Pelonis Technologies has over 25 years of experience delivering quality cooling fans and other air movement solutions for industries such as medical, automotive, aerospace, HVAC, and more. Depending on your application’s requirements, we can deliver standard or custom frameless fans with a range of optional performance features. For more information about our frameless fans, contact us or request a quote today.

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