For over 25 years, the experts at Pelonis Technologies have provided a wide range of quality, high-performance heating solutions, including band heaters. We offer mica and ceramic band heaters, as well as custom configurations to meet your unique application requirements. Regardless of your needs, you can trust Pelonis Technologies to deliver a reliable band heater solution.

What Are Band Heaters?

Band heaters work by providing indirect heating to the surface area of cylindrical vessels, pipes, and tubes for various industrial applications. Band heaters are rolled to the necessary band shape and constructed with the following primary elements:

  • A main heating element composed of nickel chrome resistance ribbon wire
  • Ceramic core or mica board as the insulation material
  • Metal sheathing

At Pelonis Technologies, our band heaters include these key features and specifications:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Ease of installation
  • Long life expectancy
  • High watt density configurations
  • Thermostat and thermocouple options
  • High heat transfer efficiency
  • Corrosion- and rust-resistant sheathing
  • Lead or terminal wire connections

Due to their many desirable features and capabilities, band heaters are popular for various applications, including:

  • Dies
  • Drum heating
  • Plastic extrusion systems
  • Tank and container pipe heating
  • Pressure molding
  • Blow and injection molding
  • Hot runner bushing
  • Food service warming
  • Cylinder heating

Types of Band Heaters

Depending on your application's needs, we can provide the following types of band heaters:

Mica Band Heaters

Mica band heaters are used across several applications due to their durable construction, versatile design, efficiency, and long life expectancy. They provide good insulation performance and high temperature capabilities up to 800° F (425° C). In addition, these bands feature high watt densities and can be easily customized to meet your needs.

They utilize mica board as the insulation layer and framework, which is supported and protected by a stainless steel plate. They provide power up to 1000W and can be made into circular, cylindrical, cone, plate, and sheet shapes.

Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic band heaters are constructed with stainless steel and rapidly heat up to 932° F (500° C) in 30 seconds, with power ranging from 50W to 2000W. One unique feature seen with ceramic band heaters is their ability to heat large cylinders from intermediate to high temperatures of 1600° F (870° C) while avoiding "hot-spotting" issues that could otherwise cause failure in traditional band heaters.

Ceramic band heater resistance wires are formed by mechanical twisting and have a higher insulation and fire resistance rating than other options. This type of band heater can be customized in various shapes, does not consume oxygen or oxidize, and provides up to 91% emissivity of radiant heat and infrared rays.

Custom Configurations

Both mica and ceramic band heaters can be customized with varying power levels, voltages, and sizes based on your specific application requirements. They can also include thermocouples and thermostats for improved temperature regulation and control. Further customization options include:

  • Die-casting
  • Injection molding
  • The use of stainless steel or brass for enhanced thermal conductivity

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Used in a range of industrial applications, band heaters provide fast indirect heat around different types of cylindrical surfaces. Pelonis Technologies offers mica, ceramic, and custom band heaters to meet the needs of various applications. As an ISO 9000 and 14000 certified company, we strive to deliver reliable heating solutions with optimal quality and competitive prices.

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