Statement to all customers regarding Pelonis Technologies, Inc.’s 'Essential Business' role in delivering life-sustaining and COVID-19 preparedness support to our customers


Pelonis Technologies’ products and services support the development, manufacture and delivery of life sustaining products to biotech, pharmaceutical, power and energy, food and agriculture, national defense, disease prevention, and chemical business sectors. Many of our cooling, heating, and motor product lines are used by our customers for research/development, quality inspection, manufacturing and distribution of life sustaining products/services. 


National and local governments are instituting directives that impose restrictions on business activities in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. We fully support these governmental efforts and we also have the responsibility to maintain business continuity and life-sustaining supplies and technology to our customers who are key in the response to this global pandemic. It is critical that we avoid any potential disruption to our operation. 


Thank you for your support and for your continued confidence in Pelonis Technologies’ life-sustaining products and services. We will continue to fulfill our obligation to serve our customers and our community during this unprecedented period. 



Sam Pelonis


President, Pelonis Technologies, Inc.

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