Pelonis Technologies' innovative Micro Fans and Micro Blowers are uniquely engineered for high quality, value and performance to meet the needs of today's demanding applications.


Today’s high technology industries require cooling products that are increasingly smaller, lightweight, have low power consumption, and reduce high heat generation.

AIR-G Series Micro Fans and Blowers are ideal thermal cooling solutions for applications that have limited space with restricted power budgets. They are energy efficient, manage heat generation effectively, and have a long operating life. Additionally, AIR-G Series Micro Fans and Blowers can be customized to satisfy applications that require an effective miniature cooling solution.


Traditional fans and blowers include silicon steel motors with radial air-gaps. Miniaturization is
difficult, operation is inefficient, and power loss is greater at higher temperatures. By using specially grooved bearings with Axial Air-Gap Technology, AIR-G Series Micro Fans and Blowers are smaller and more energy efficient than traditional fans and blowers and have almost no power loss at higher temperatures.

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