Micro Cooling

Modern electronics and appliances require powerful cooling solutions that manage heat generation while consuming less power and occupying less space. With these needs in mind, Pelonis Technologies, Inc. supplies innovative and lightweight micro fans and micro air blowers built with a focus on quality, performance, and value. Read on to learn about the design and function of our miniature cooling products, their benefits, and their applications in various industries.

Micro Blowers and Fans Explained

In recent years, consumers' increased use of high-power electronics and devices has driven the need for new thermal management solutions that can enhance product reliability and prevent failure. Electronics are also becoming smaller and more diverse, necessitating compact and lightweight cooling technologies that integrate with various applications.

Pelonis Technologies responds to these rapidly evolving requirements with miniature cooling solutions engineered to provide high air capacity and efficiency while minimizing noise and vibration.

Micro Fans

As their name suggests, micro fans are low-profile mini cooling fans. Pelonis Technologies' micro fans provide device designers with a compact and lightweight cooling solution that maintains the same industry-leading quality and reliability as our full-size fans for efficiently managing heat emissions and optimizing power savings. We offer multiple design options with widths ranging from 13 mm (smaller than a dime's diameter) to 45 mm (a paperclip's length). Our products also utilize a precision subminiature bearing system for improved speed tolerance and decreased noise.

Micro Blowers

Offering a more compact, energy-efficient alternative to traditional varieties, our miniature blowers use axial air-gap technology to achieve minimal power loss even at high temperatures. Their customizable design lends them to various applications with space limitations.

Benefits of Using Micro Fans and Blowers

Our micro cooling fans and blowers offer several advantages to today's electronic devices, including:

  • Superior efficiency. Traditional fan and blower varieties are typically equipped with motors of silicon steel and feature radial air gaps. This design makes miniaturization inherently difficult and causes the fan to lose more power in elevated temperatures. To overcome these issues, Pelonis Technologies' Axial Air-Gap (AIR-G) series of micro fans and blowers incorporates specially grooved bearings. Compared with traditional cooling technologies, our AIR-G series provides smaller, lighter-weight designs; improved energy efficiency; and virtually no loss of power at high temperatures. Our fans and blowers have a long operating life, and because of their successful cooling capabilities, our products can extend the life span of electronic devices as well.
  • Highly customizable designs. As an excellent alternative to standard fans and blowers, we can customize our AIR-G series to fit the technical and environmental requirements of numerous applications.
  • Improved versatility. With such customizable technology, our team can design small, lightweight devices that retain their efficiency no matter the cooling task, such as applications with space or power budget limitations.

Applications of Micro Fans and Blowers

From recreational electronic devices to sophisticated military technologies for critical applications, we can customize micro fans and blowers for a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial applications. Examples include:

  • Consumer electronics. One of the most common uses of micro fans and blowers is in consumer electronics for devices such as:
    • Televisions
    • Desktop and laptop computers
    • Tablets
  • Wearable devices. Micro fans and blowers are ideal for wearable devices that require lightweight integrated cooling solutions. Examples include:
    • Military combat helmets. Mini blower fans are a key component of modern combat helmets, which often utilize built-in cooling systems to keep the wearer cool and dry.
    • Night-vision goggles and helmets. Goggles and helmets equipped with night-vision capabilities often incorporate lightweight, miniaturized cooling technologies to safely maintain comfortable conditions for the user.
    • Next-generation spectacles. From Google Glass to Snapchat Spectacles, advanced spectacle technologies require small yet powerful cooling fans and blowers to protect wearer safety and support the operation and life cycle of built-in mini-computers.
  • Specialty technologies. With their incredible versatility, micro cooling solutions are customizable for applications in:
    • Micro fuel cells
    • Wind and solar energy technologies
    • Portable gas detectors, particle detectors, and plasma generators
    • Portable healthcare devices
    • LED lighting systems
    • CCTV systems and IP cameras
    • VR devices

Micro Fans and Blowers at Pelonis Technologies

Miniature fan and blower cooling solutions play an important role in supporting the trend toward smaller, more powerful electronics. Using axial air-gap technology, micro fans and blowers allow for safe and efficient cooling that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in small spaces.

At Pelonis Technologies, we understand the unique challenges associated with managing heat generation in today's increasingly compact electronic devices. Our diverse industry expertise and innovative micro fan and blower designs allow us to find efficient and affordable cooling solutions for a wide range of devices. To learn more about our micro cooling products and how PTI can customize our designs for your application, contact us or request a sample today.

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