What Are Planetary Gear Reducers?

Planetary gear reducers are compact components that strive to maximize the transmission of torque in various applications. The mechanisms ensure the transmission of high torque levels while simultaneously decreasing the required number of motor revolutions for a set level of power. The reducers are composed of a gearbox and aligned input and output shafts. Industrial automation systems, including DC transmission, servo, and stepping systems, use planetary gear reducers to efficiently manage tasks that demand high levels of torque.

Advantages of Planetary Gear Reducers

Both small and large systems benefit from planetary gear reducers because they can effectively reduce speed and the system's torsional inertia ratio while increasing torque within the system.

Compact Size and Low Weight

Compared to similar gear reducer systems, these components weigh less and have a compact design that can fit in more designs. Planetary gear reducers can maintain the same torque output while decreasing up to 50% in size. 

Durability and Long Life

These gear reducers have ball bearings that help the components operate smoothly and efficiently. This reduces wear throughout their operational lifespan, leading to less damage and long product life.

Increased Repeatability

Planetary gear reducers offer higher axial load speeds and radial load speeds than comparable systems. This increases their overall reliability and sturdiness and decreases the potential for misalignment. These features allow planetary gear reducers to mitigate the effects of vibration and ensure consistent transmission over time.

Increased Torque Transmission

Planetary gear reducers are built for maximum teeth engagement. Because more teeth are in contact, it can both handle more torque and transfer more torque. 


Each stage of a planetary gear reducer system can be stacked or modified for custom configurations that meet the needs of a given application. Planetary gear reducers are also easy to work with: once they're installed in a cylindrical gearbox, the gear reducers can be installed almost anywhere.

Applications of Planetary Gear Reducers

Planetary gear reducers offer excellent performance in a wide range of industries including automation, electronics, food processing, packaging, textiles, construction, energy, medical, security systems, and transportation. Specific applications include:

  • Ball screws
  • CNC spindles
  • Conveyor systems
  • Indexing systems
  • Laser equipment
  • Printing machines
  • Rack and pinion
  • Robots
  • Rollers and belts
  • Working tables

Planetary Gear Reducers From Pelonis Technologies

At Pelonis Technologies, we specialize in providing high-quality, high-performance mechanical solutions. Our LM Servobox series planetary gear reducers are designed to provide effective, even torque transmission across a wide range of applications and systems. Each set can be stacked in custom configurations and built for different speed ratios. 

Each helical gear component is precisely machined for fine-tuned engagement and has twice the number of meshing teeth as comparable spur gears. This helps provide better engagement and smooth performance while minimizing backlash and noise. Every gearbox is also finished with a corrosion-resistant surface finish for long-term durability.

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