AC and DC backward-curve centrifugal fans are high efficiency units available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and materials to meet any ventilation requirement. 

configurations and materials to meet any ventilation requirement. Backward-curve centrifugal fans feature lubricated maintenance-free ball bearings and vibration-free operation. These compact and rugged fans are IP20/23/44 rated with an operating life of 40,000 hours.

PTI's innovative products are designed for a broad range of applications and environments. Advanced designs in AC and DC centrifugal fans provide incomparable quality and performance for a wide range of cooling applications. The centrifugal fan generally creates high pressures and is applied where higher resistance to the air flow is required.

The backward-inclined blower wheel design consists of blades that slant away from the direction of wheel travel. PTI backward curve fans are characterized by high efficiency, high CFM and rugged long-life construction for high static pressure applications. PTI fans are extremely efficient, requiring less horsepower than other types of fans. A variety of standard models or custom designs are available. Custom fans are available to whatever specifications needed.

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