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Micro Fans & Blowers in Automation Processes

As technological devices of all kinds become increasingly compact and portable, manufacturers require small, lightweight components that will fit inside device operating systems while performing with the same efficiency as their traditional counterparts.

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Heating Systems Resource Page: Ebooks, Catalogs & White Papers

Pelonis Technologies always has a focus on our customers.  We keep you in mind when designing new products; when we pay close attention to the quality of each of our products; and we concentrate on continually improving our customer service. 

In addition, we’ve recently updated the Resources Page on our website for you to access.  Here you can find a variety of eBooks, catalogs and white papers.  We’re continually adding resource documents to the page, so be sure to stop back to see what is new and that might be helpful to your daily business.

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Micro Fans: Small Cooling Fans for Electronics

Many industry members will agree that miniaturization is a major trend in electronics. The popularity of small, portable devices over large and clunky ones is truly no surprise; smaller electronics are easier to handle, carry, and store. In the quest to create ever smaller devices, manufacturers have miniaturized everything from consumer electronics to highly precise medical tools.

To make these devices so small, however, they’ve also gone to great lengths to reduce the size of their internal components. Cooling fans are one such example. The fans that go inside miniaturized electronics are astonishingly compact, giving them the distinction of being the smallest fans on the planet.

Pelonis Technologies' Line of Micro Fans

micro-fansThat description seems quite apt when you take a look at some of the micro fans on the market today. The RFA1804 micro fan from Pelonis Technologies, for example, is only 18 x 18 x 4 mm big. To get a better idea of its dimensions, this particular micro fan can be compared to a quarter, which has a diameter of just over 24 mm. Though it may be small, the tiny fan has a proven ability to reduce the temperature of printed circuit boards by several degrees.

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