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While most of us understand the basics of satellite communications such as a TV signal sent from space, it can be hard to envision the satellite itself as a piece of working machinery. For one, most of the general public has never actually seen a large mobile satellite hub. Second, space can be a difficult working area to comprehend.

How Pelonis Helps Ensure Mobile Satellite CommunicationsSatellite equipment features an intricate layout of electrical components that function just as they would in a manufacturing environment, computer server room, or similar set up. This means that satellite technologies heat up just like other equipment, and so the need for cooling measures is critical for a few reasons:

• Satellites that malfunction or shut down could cripple networks that are essential for communication and safety.
• There is little to no capabilities to send support technicians to work on inoperable satellites.
• The environment that mobile satellite communications operate in is rugged and unpredictable.

Since the reliability of these mobile satellite communications is so essential, companies that operate in this industry must use innovative and dependable ways to keep their equipment functional. Pelonis was recently faced with this issue when a customer needed a blower that could cool a number of on-board system components.

This was no “stock” product, however, as the blower was to be featured on a mobile satellite vehicle and needed to be absolutely resistant to moisture and dust. In addition, the blower needed to protect the system's circuit board, cable connectors, and inlets.

Pelonis was able to find the solution with a high speed 24 volt DC blower that fit within an aluminum closure and was finished with a moisture and dust resistant coating. We also added a protective, customized inlet guard where needed and did so with an optimum turnaround time. The design was tested and approved and now operates to keep mobile satellite equipment cool and running efficiently, so that communication like calls, texts, and social media posts during a favorite TV show are delivered uninterrupted.

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