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Water Resistant DC Fans for Harsh Environments

Operating in harsh conditions can present serious challenges for companies across various industries, but deadlines must be met no matter how extreme the environment. Severe weather, in particular, can affect all types of industrial processes and equipment.

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The Difference Between AC Fans & DC Fans

Direct current fans, or DC fans, have a variable, uneven flow. In contrast, alternating current fans, or AC fans, change direction 50 times a second in order to provide a constant flow.

Historically speaking, AC fans were typically less expensive than DC fans. Today, however, the price difference is negligible, which means you need to weigh the pros and cons of each fan type carefully when making a purchasing decision.

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Warehouse Cooling Solutions for Summer Months

As summer’s temperatures reach their peak, keeping your facilities cool is important for maintaining comfortable working conditions. Cooling commercial spaces properly means finding the right balance for employee comfort, temperature/humidity control, and energy use. In manufacturing operations where additional heat is generated by machinery, and in warehouses where goods must be stored in constant environmental conditions, cooling systems are vital mechanisms.


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Diverse Applications for Squirrel Cage Fans

Squirrel cage fans have a wheel with a number of fan blades that are all mounted around a central hub and they are also known as tangential or cross flow fans. Usually connected to the housing with a motor drive, the squirrel cage fan achieves air movement when the hub turns.

Air moves through the fan wheel, and then flows over the fan blades, exiting the fan. Its long history of use and simple design have made the squirrel cage fan one of the most reliable and frequently used fan types on the market today.

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Applications for Industrial Cooling Fan Systems

The question of how to provide the best cooling for industrial applications has been around since the earliest days of the industrial revolution.  When equipment is functioning at a high level, it often produces heat that needs to be dissipated, and today, facilities are using systems that are more advanced than ever. 

With the advances in technology that are so commonplace in today’s industrial landscape, many systems are being designed to provide the greatest power possible in the smallest possible space.  These systems can run the risk of overheating if they are not designed with an appropriate cooling mechanism. 

Overheated equipment can pose many risks, including poor performance of equipment, early component and lubricant deterioration, overall system malfunction, and ultimately the possibility of fire and other safety risks for users and operating personnel. 

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