Pelonis Technologies supplies motors that are suitable for applications in commercial and industrial products. As a leading manufacturer of motors, we offer high quality AC shaded pole induction motors in 10 to 60 mm stack sizes and in 120 and 230 V models. 

Featuring ball or sleeve bearings for long life operation and sturdy all steel construction, Pelonis Technologies motors operate quietly and are coated with protective coatings to withstand humid and harsh environmental conditions. Our motors are lightweight, durable, and engineered to meet the highest standards in the industry. Our quality control team goes to great lengths to test our motors for the best possible quality and performance.

Motors from Pelonis Technologies also feature value-added benefits. Customers will benefit from unique functions such as vibration-alert notification, which are ideal for portable hand-held devices such as smartphones. We use brushless commutation technology in favor of tradition brush-type technology, for longer service life and reliability. In addition, we equip our motors with axial air-gap technology for exceptional energy. All of these features combined yield motors that are not only more energy-efficient, but can also last up to ten times longer than traditional motors.

Our micro motors and AC motors have a broad range of applications. Micro motors are used in everything from smartphones and tablets, to portable razors and medical devices. These tiny devices are efficient, reliable and multifunctional. The larger, AC motors are commonly found in household appliances, space heaters, and business equipment, among other applications. Just like our micro motors, AC motors from Pelonis Technologies are energy efficient, durable, and high quality.

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