Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) provides a wide range of industrial motor, motion control, heating, and cooling products for industrial and commercial use. Our products offer the best in safety, efficiency, and reliability, complying with industry-specific standards to meet your requirements. Our custom cooling, heating, and motor products include fans, blowers, heat sinks, heaters, temperature controllers, and motors. Explore our products to determine the ideal solution for your application.

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At PTI, we design our custom-made fans and blowers to suit your unique needs. Our knowledgeable technical skills consultants will work closely with you from the initial concept and design stages through manufacturing to the labeling, packaging, and distribution of your cooling components. We are committed to quality work and service, as evidenced by our ISO-certified facilities and strict compliance with CE, CUL, UL, and TUV industry standards. No matter the complexity or size of your project, the team at PTI is here to assist you with innovative solutions for every step of the process.

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