The team at Pelonis Technologies is proud to offer specialized, custom solutions for various cooling needs; our wide selection of DC/AC fans, DC blowers, and DC respiratory equipment ensures that clients across all types of industries receive the exact solutions they need, whether working in medical, aerospace, HVAC, or defense sectors.

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DC Fans

Our advanced direct current (DC) fans — which work best in low-pressure environments — are specifically designed to offer reliable, quiet, cost-effective, and long-lasting performance. And to meet diverse application needs, we offer a number of DC centrifugal, axial, inline duct, and box fans in a variety of different voltages. All of our DC fans are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) Directive and meet strict international safety standards.

AC Fans

Our alternate current (AC) fans are available in several different arrangements, allowing for easy customization. We proudly offer metal blade, plastic frame, reverse/high air flow, high air flow, low air flow, reverse/standard, and standard model AC fans. Allowing for industry-leading safety and reliability, Pelonis AC fans feature an original, multi-blade design for increased airflow; high-quality, long-life bearings for quiet operation; and various safety features to protect against high temperatures, vibration, dust, and water. All of our AC fans are RoHS compliant and designed to meet the strictest of safety standards.

DC Blowers

Our innovative, compact DC blowers are available either in standard designs or customizable TITAN series models. TITAN series blowers are perfect for high-end equipment designs requiring application-specific customization. And at Pelonis, we also offer clients the option to customize their blower with an additional 15 intelligent motion controls to further optimize the blower’s performance and efficiency while extending its life span.

A Closer Look at Our Custom Work

We work closely with our clients to ensure that each custom cooling fan is designed to their unique requirements and specifications, and our team of knowledgeable Technical Skills Consultants collaborates with customers throughout every stage of the project — from initial design and product specifications to final labeling, packaging, and delivery.

For example, a manufacturer of respiratory medical equipment recently came to us looking for a low-noise fan that would adequately cool the components in a mechanical ventilator system. The fan also needed custom wire connectors and a custom label. After working closely with this client and their team, we were able to develop a custom-made DC fan that met each of these requirements. The client was very impressed with the results and has continued working with us for the past six years.

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