Vapor chambers, heat pipes, and heat sinks transfer heat from a heat source and spread it over a wider surface area to dissipate heat and control the temperature of a device or component. These components come in various lengths and diameters to meet a range of capacity requirements. Pelonis Technologies offers various types of heat sinks, heat pipes, and vapor chambers for effective thermal control. Learn what these products are, as well as their unique benefits and applications.

Types of Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, and Vapor Chambers We Offer

At Pelonis Technologies, we offer various vapor chambers, heat pipes, and heat sinks to meet the needs of any application. Our options include the following:

  • Extruded Heat Sinks: Manufactured through an aluminum molding process, extruded heat sinks have excellent conductivity, ductility, strength, and surface finish. Its beneficial physical properties make it easy to customize with intricate profiles. Extruded aluminum heat sinks offer fast lead times and low production costs.
  • Skived Heat Sinks: Skived heat sinks are made by carving the component’s specific design of fine fins out of a metal block. Its base and fin construction is seamless, minimizing heat loss and boosting thermal conductivity between the heat sink and heat source.
  • Custom Die-Cast Heat Sinks: In die-casting, high pressure forces molten metal into a mold. Die-cast heat sinks are smooth, have good structural integrity, and require no secondary machining.
  • CNC Machined Heat Sinks: Often machined from high-strength aluminum alloys, CNC heat sinks are high-precision parts that can be custom-made to fit a specific size and shape.
  • Bonded Fin Heat Sinks: In bonded fin heat sinks, the fins are joined to the base via a thermally conductive epoxy. These heat sinks offer a greater degree of fin width and length variations. They are ideal for the thermal management of high-power applications.
  • Stacked Heat Sinks: These heat sinks are produced using cold press fitting to layer individual fins together. This method enables larger heat sinks to be created, and they are often more cost-effective than conventionally extruded products.
  • Stamped Heat Sinks: A stamped heat sink is made from a single flat metal sheet, which is formed into various sizes and shapes. Manufacturers can weld the heat sinks to copper plates, tin-plated aluminum, pins, or thermal pads to improve thermal conductivity.
  • Forged Heat Sinks: These heat sinks are forged at low temperatures under high pressure, also known as cold forging. This process reduces impurities and air bubbles to optimize the component’s thermal properties.
  • LED Light Heat Sinks: Designed specifically for high-power LED lights, these heat sinks absorb the heat produced by these lights and dissipate it into the air, regulating temperature and preventing overheating.
  • Heat Pipes: Heat pipes enhance heat sink performance by using the condensation and evaporation of a fluid inside an enclosure. They offer high thermal conductivity, formability, and a long lifespan.
  • Vapor Chambers: Vapor chambers cycle water from the hot side to the cool side of the chamber, repeatedly evaporating and condensing the water to achieve heat transfer. Vapor chambers are like heat pipes but can also be used for large, flat surfaces or cooling multiple components.

Benefits of Our Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, and Vapor Chambers

Vapor chambers, heat pipes, and heat sinks from Pelonis Technologies offer several advantages, such as:

  • High Thermal Efficiency: Our heat sinks offer a compact design, structural integrity, and optimal ventilative performance. We can also design custom heat sinks to improve thermal conductivity and reduce thermal loss.
  • Multi-Direction Heat Transfer: Heat pipes rely on water vapor to continuously and swiftly transfer heat for optimal one-direction spot cooling. Vapor chambers disperse heat rapidly using a small volume of water. Used at the base of a heat sink, vapor chambers are the best choice for heat dissipation, and they are ideal for high-power applications.
  • Custom Configurations: Our vapor chambers, heat pipes, and heat sinks can be custom-made to various configurations, sizes, and specifications. We can custom-make complex profiles for various applications with cost-efficient production and short lead times. We can also provide die-cast heat sink and fan combinations for a turnkey solution.

Applications for Our Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, and Vapor Chambers

At Pelonis Technologies, we manufacture standard and custom vapor chambers, heat pipes, and heat sinks for various applications. The following applications rely on our thermal management components:

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Energy Systems
  • Industrial Computers
  • Industrial Equipment
  • LED Lighting
  • Medical Devices
  • PCs
  • Power Equipment
  • Servers
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Equipment

Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, and Vapor Chambers From Pelonis Technologies

Vapor chambers, heat pipes, and heat sinks dissipate heat using thermal conduction over a wide surface area or evaporation and condensation. These products can be custom-made to suit your application and design needs.

Pelonis Technologies has over 25 years of experience manufacturing air movement equipment, including blowers and fans, induction motors, and specialty heating products. Contact us or request a quote to learn more about the right thermal management solution for your application.

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