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Micro Fans & Blowers in Automation Processes

As technological devices of all kinds become increasingly compact and portable, manufacturers require small, lightweight components that will fit inside device operating systems while performing with the same efficiency as their traditional counterparts.

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Applications & Benefits of Frameless Fans

Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is already well-known throughout the manufacturing sector for providing fans of the highest quality available. With our custom design expertise and advanced technology, we have a product line that includes AC, DC, and micro fans, along with a complete array of complementary items and accessories.

Our reputation was earned, in part, to our commitment to constant advancement and improvement. We are proud to announce our latest advancement, an addition to our current selection of industrial fans — our brand new line of frameless fans. Frameless fans from Pelonis are uniquely engineered and designed to provide the most efficient cooling for applications with extremely limited space constraints.

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The Importance of Selecting the Right Fans and Blowers for the Medical Equipment Industry

In the medical equipment industry, the function and reliability of an application’s components is especially critical. Medical device companies rely on the best technology to take exceptional care of patients with minimal downtime in operation. The margin for error with these machines is nonexistent — and AC blowers are no exception.

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Regulate Fan Speed with Automatic Temperature Controls

As a respected manufacturer of axial AC fans, brushless axial and radial DC fans, it is important that Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) maintain mastery of the craft. PTI has built that expertise over a period of more than 25 years.

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Manual Variable Resistance Control

Flexible Control for Advanced Applications

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DC Voltage Signal Controls

After more than a quarter of a century spent designing and manufacturing fan and motor solutions for the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) industry, Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has developed a wealth of expertise.

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Current Source Fan Speed Signal Controls

Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has been working diligently over the past 25 years to master each and every facet of the design and production of fans.

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PWM Signal Controls in DC Motors

Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is a leading global manufacturer of brushless DC fans, axial AC fans, and motors serving a wide array of industries including the aerospace, defense, medical, heating and air conditions, appliances, and automotive sectors.

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Smart Technology & Signal Controls in DC Brushless Fans

As modern computer systems continue to add features and become more powerful, their electrical power requirements increase. Additional integrated circuits create heat within the processors, requiring fans to help keep them cool and functional. Managing the rotation of these fans is known as fan control.

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Our Targeted Cooling Rate Calculator

Forced-air cooling is advantageous in a number of different scenarios. For example, forced-air cooling of electronic components in an industrial setting is significantly more efficient than convection cooling, as it reduces air temperature in the general vicinity of the components being cooled and improves the heat transfer coefficient.

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