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Fans and Blowers for Medical Equipment Industry

Virtually every system in a medical setting is required to provide no-failure performance throughout emergency situations and to provide long-term safety and wellness for patients, staff, and visitors. To ensure this constant functionality, every component within these critical systems must be reliable. Not only do they need to provide consistent performance at a standard, controllable pace, but they also must offer minimal downtime for maintenance and repair. Parts that can meet these conditions are much less likely to fail in critical moments.

At Pelonis Technologies, Inc., we specialize in creating blowers that fulfill the unique application and quality standards for systems across the medical equipment industry. They provide critical cooling functions so equipment can continuously run, even in compact configurations or extreme applications. Our micro air blowers and DC blowers have innovative designs, are rigorously tested, and have a long history of meeting the needs of our clients.

Applications for Micro Air Blowers and DC Blowers in the Medical Equipment Industry

Fans and blowers provide cool air and ventilation for electronic products and medical equipment so the systems can run continuously or provide fast, critical functions in patient care and building management. Today's complex configurations of sensors, fans, medical motors, and blowers can provide increasingly granular control of air quality, temperature, and pressure so equipment always runs its best.

Pelonis Technologies's inventory of fans and blowers includes multiple parts and product lines to meet the unique size, airflow, and pressure requirements of virtually any equipment setup. The parts are also designed to meet or exceed low-noise expectations so patients can rest and staff can do their jobs without disruptive noise. Along with these critical functionalities, our fan and blower assemblies also offer:

  • Low standard operating currents
  • Programmable Pulse With Modulation (PWM) speed controls for variable and automated control of fan speed
  • IP-rated conformal coatings that protect the assemblies from moisture, making them ideal for use in high-humidity environments or potential exposure to moisture

These features and more equip our diverse products for use across multiple medical equipment applications, including the following:

Air Beds

Patients who are bedridden or must spend long periods in bed are at significant risk of developing bedsores. However, air beds can substantially reduce this risk. Air beds raise and lower surfaces across the bed by inflating and deflating individual air chambers within the bed. This slightly changes the position of the patient each time and prevents constant pressure or friction from causing bedsores. Air beds are constructed of air-permeable materials that further reduce the risk. Air blowers and fans play a critical role in inflating the air chambers and ensuring the movement of air throughout the mattress.

Respiratory Devices

Respiratory devices support patient breathing for conditions such as chronic pulmonary disease, and blowers and fans help ensure consistent performance. Our side channel blowers provide regulated ventilation in half-stationary or portable systems. Each fan and blower is built for a long lifespan with minimal downtime to provide patients with uninterrupted respiratory support.


Steam sterilizers disinfect or clean equipment that cannot otherwise be easily or completely sterilized to the standard required in hospitals. Sterilization systems generate hot steam, which transports heat energy to the surface of the parts needing sterilization; as those parts heat up, the proteins of contaminants are destroyed and the germs are denatured. Humid heat is ideal for hospitalization equipment sterilization. The process is faster and doesn't require as high of temperatures as dry steam sterilization. Fans and blowers move humid steam throughout the sterilization vessel for thorough airflow and complete sterilization.


Incubators help premature babies in NICUs by protecting the general hospital environment. Each incubator houses fans and blowers that can help regulate atmospheric pressure within the incubator, temperature, and ventilation. Maintaining a tightly controlled environment is crucial for helping premature babies develop and minimize the risk of contamination or stress.

The fans and blowers used in incubators must be vibration-free and low-noise. They also must be fail-safe to ensure the environmental conditions within the incubator are stable and optimal.

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