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Micro Fans in the Electronics Industry

To prevent overheating and damage, many electronics rely on internal cooling fans. With today's products becoming increasingly smaller, small ventilation fans are the ideal thermal cooling solutions for applications such as laptops and tablets that have limited space and restricted power budgets.

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Micro Fans in the Electronics Industry

Known as micro fans, these minuscule fans can be as small as 8 mm wide and they effectively cool the internal components of all kinds of electronics to support optimal functionality. Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI) manufactures uniquely engineered micro fans to meet the needs of today's demanding applications.

How Micro Fans Work

Electronic fans move air by creating a pressure differential. The goal is to remove heat from an enclosure by drawing cool air in to replace the hot air that is filling a space. When air is blocked, pressure builds and air becomes stagnant. When the fan is out in the open, airflow is maximized because there is no pressure across the fan. The ideal operating point lies somewhere between these extremes.

The internal size of the electronic device creates resistance to airflow, limiting the amount of free airflow through the device. Micro fans create pressure that generates airflow within the space and pushes out the heat. In the case of small, concentrated heat sources, micro fans help increase heat transfer within a tiny area. The use of these small electronics fans keeps system size at a minimum.

Types of Micro Fans for Electronics

For maximum efficiency, PTI produces a line of miniature axial fans that perform without any reduction in airflow when miniaturized. Axial fans are better suited for miniaturization than centrifugal fans, which experience flow performance issues at reduced sizes and are difficult to miniaturize due to their silicon motor construction

PTI’s AIR-G Series Micro Fans and Blowers are more compact and use less energy than traditional fans and blowers and are an ideal alternative for cooling small electronic devices. They feature minimal power loss at higher temperatures thanks to specially grooved bearings with Axial Air-Gap technology.

Our mini fans for electronics have a long operating life and are customizable to provide the most effective cooling solution for your application.

How Big are Micro Fans?

At PTI, we produce fans smaller than the face of a dime at 15 mm wide. Our largest micro cooling fan measures 30 mm wide, about the length of a paperclip.

These small-sized electronics fans require expert assembly and maintenance. Because they are precision-balanced machines, any mishandling will create unbalance in the fan, increasing acoustic noise and diminishing reliability and cooling performance. These micro fans are not waterproof and wires must be hand-soldered. Special padding and packaging may be required for the shipment of finished board assemblies.

Applications: Choosing the Right Micro Fan

Incredibly versatile, micro fans are used in consumer electronics like desktop computers, televisions, tablets, and laptops. Additional applications in which PTI micro fans are suitable include:

  • CCTV systems and IP cameras
  • LED lighting
  • Portable medical and surgical devices
  • Micro fuel cells
  • Solar and wind energy devices
  • Mask and helmet ventilation
  • Portable gas or particle detectors
  • Portable plasma generators

To select the appropriate micro cooling fan, it is necessary to first determine the model, type, specification, and key parameters of the cooling fan used on the original equipment.

Learn More About Micro Fans

At Pelonis Technologies, all of our micro fans meet UL, CUL, and CE requirements. With power savings between 20% and 40% over traditional fan technology, they offer a lower profile for compact digital and mobile devices and a lower startup voltage for increased design flexibility.

Providing high-quality products at competitive prices, our goal is to give our customers value-added services, effective solutions, and custom designs to meet their needs. Flexible manufacturing techniques enable us to meet both large and small-scale requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our micro fans or to request a quote on items you are interested in. We offer expert consultation on fans and products adapted to your application.