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As technologies continue to advance, the agricultural sector is seeing significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. One primary shift in the industry is its adoption of electrification for farming equipment. The demand is growing for electric motors and gear drives to power various agricultural machinery, including harvesters, tractors, and more. As a leading provider of motorized products for motion control, heating, and cooling, Pelonis Technologies is supporting agricultural automation with its innovative AgroWheel Drive electric propulsion solution.

Challenges for Electric Propulsion Systems in Agricultural Machinery

The agriculture industry faces various operational challenges when it comes to implementing electric propulsion systems into equipment and machinery. These challenges include:

  • Environmental factors. Because most farming and agricultural processes happen outdoors, machinery is often exposed to harsh weather conditions and high temperatures. This can lead to issues such as corrosion, rusting, and lubrication loss.
  • Space and weight restrictions. Agricultural vehicles are often loaded with tools, equipment, and other farming materials, such as fertilizers, insecticides, and crops. This thereby limits the amount of available space and weight for electric propulsion systems and their batteries. As such, electric propulsion systems must be lightweight and compact while still being able to provide the necessary power to drive the vehicle over long distances and harsh terrain.
  • Battery Life. Needing to recharge electric propulsion batteries can result in extended periods of downtime and decreased productivity. Therefore, the motors must be able to operate efficiently, and the batteries must have a high enough energy density.

Pelonis Technologies’ AgroWheel Drive addresses these challenges by providing a compact, long-lasting, and durable solution for electric propulsion.

Meeting the Challenge: The AgroWheel Drive

The AgroWheel Drive from Pelonis Technologies is a 100%-electric actuator solution specifically designed to meet the needs of agricultural automation applications. Two of AgroWheel’s most prominent features are its integrated low-backlash gearbox, as well as its high-performance brushless PM DC motor. Together, they deliver exceptional power output, enabling the AgroWheel to provide up to 1kW of power at low voltages. The high power output also allows the AgroWheel to generate high peak torque of up to 200Nm, which is critical for demanding agricultural applications.

The AgroWheel’s compact size makes it well-suited for agricultural equipment, where space is typically limited. With dimensions of 191mm in length and 147mm in diameter, it can easily fit into small spaces without sacrificing power, making it ideal for harvesters, tractors, and other machinery. With a high IP rating for its sealed gearbox, the AgroWheel is sufficiently protected from water, dust, and other environmental contaminants.

Additionally, the AgroWheel has a lifespan of 15,000 operating hours, meaning it can deliver reliable performance for years, even for demanding agricultural applications. It’s easy to integrate the AgroWheel with modern farm electronic control systems, and it can be customized to meet unique application requirements. At Pelonis Technologies, we offer customized specifications and engineering design services to ensure each product is catered to our customers’ needs.

Learn About the AgroWheel Drive

The AgroWheel Drive meets the growing demand for electric propulsion in agricultural equipment and machinery. This solution has been designed to need no maintenance over its long lifespan and offers a wide range of other benefits for farming and agriculture applications.

At Pelonis Technologies, we offer quality solutions at competitive prices. We strive to provide customized products that meet our customers’ changing needs while adereing to all necessary industry standards. For more information about our AgroWheel Drive and how it benefits the agriculture industry, contact us or request a quote today.