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Under certain airflow conditions, PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating solutions may fail as a result of cracking, bursting, or even burning.

PTC Heater Burns These issues are commonly caused by poor airflow or poor, incomplete, or improper combustion: Dirty or otherwise obstructed vents can lead to poor airflow, which in turn overworks the furnace and causes premature damage, while subpar combustion causes burners to run longer and hotter in order to achieve the same amount of heating output.

Long periods of use can also cause failures; over time, the stress caused by normal expansion and contraction of a furnace as it turns on and off in its cycles can result in cracks.

Solutions for PTC Heater Cracks

Use of Fin PTC Air Heaters provides a simple solution for cracks, bursts, and burns; specifically developed to prevent typical issues encountered with coil or conventional heaters, these heaters are self-regulating, meaning they won’t overheat.

By eliminating the risk of overheating, these heaters offer greater operating efficiency, stable electronic response, and longer life expectancy.

Extremely versatile, Fin PTC Air Heaters can be used in a wide range of applications, including electric automotive vehicles, general dehumidification, and thermal retention, and are frequently found in electronic household appliances such as hand dryers, irons, laminating machines, air conditioners, and adhesive sealing machines.

Avoid issues encountered while using coil or conventional heaters:

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Fin PTC Air Heaters From Pelonis Technologies

At Pelonis Technologies, we offer Fin PTC Air Heaters with internal safety-fuse protection. Featuring low air resistance and high heating efficiency, these heaters won’t crack, burst, or burn — even when heated under no airflow conditions. Other benefits of our fin heaters include:

  • Single or double insulation options — Protects from electric shock or short circuit
  • Independent control of single (500W, 800W), double (1000W, 1500W), or triple (1500W, 2000W) PTC heating tubes — Reduces electricity costs and extends product life
  • Point welding connections for poles and terminals — Prevents increases in resistance and temperature
  • No moving parts — Eliminates chances of wear-out
  • Water-application compatible — Allows for use in humid environments such as bathrooms

In addition to our Fin PTC Air Heaters, we also offer Honeycomb PTC Air Heaters.

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Versatile, sturdy, reliable, Fin PTC Air Heaters are ideal for preventing cracking and bursting thanks to their self-regulating design. For more in-depth information on PTC heaters, including benefits and key usage considerations, and to learn more about our line of reliable heat exchangers, download our comprehensive Fin PTC Air Heaters Catalog today.

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