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Industrial and commercial heating applications are considerably demanding. Though there are many options to choose from, heating solutions often fall short of consumer expectations. Today, it’s not enough to simply meet application requirements—you should strive to exceed them.

Advancements in heat technology have facilitated the creation of highly efficient and versatile products—these products are better suited for modern heating. As a leading manufacturer of specialized heating products, Pelonis Technologies is proud to announce our latest innovation: Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters.

immersion-heatersOur immersion heaters are designed to accommodate several applications, which include: central heating systems, steam generation, ignition devices, solar heater support, and much more. These heaters boast higher efficiency and thermal conductivity as compared to other heating elements (either metallic or non-metallic).

Performance of Immersion Heaters

Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters are versatile enough for use in both air and underwater. In dry environments, these products are capable of heating up to 1200°C (2192°F); underwater, they can reach up to 98% heating efficiency. These ceramic heating elements are very compact and can be installed into small devices with little effort.

Immersion heaters are completely self-regulating and have desirable insulation properties; this affords the ability to withstand voltages of 2500 volts as well as corrosive, acidic conditions. Additionally, our immersion heaters are safe to use, and do not negatively affect the environment.

Our Solutions:

Regardless of the location, immersion heaters deliver superior performance. Pelonis’ line of immersion heaters features K Series and KC Series products.

k-series-immersion-heaterK Series Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters have the following operating specifications:

  • Thicknesses of 4mm
  • Rated voltages ranging from 110Vto 220V
  • Rated power in Water: 210W to 1500W
  • Rated Power in Air: 100W to 600W
  • Temperature range in Air: 400°C (752°F) to > 1200°C

kc-series-immersion-heaterKC Series Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Immersion Heaters include:

  • Thicknesses of 4mm
  • Rated voltages ranging from 110Vto 220V
  • Rated power in Water: 500W to 3000W
  • Rated Power in Air: 220W to 360W
  • Temperature range in Air: 650°C (1202°F) to 1200°C

Choose an Immersion Heater Today

PTI’s immersion heaters are lightweight, compact, and provide high efficiency and safety to any application. These heaters are resilient enough to ensure long, trouble-free operation.

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