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High-performance blowers are a critical aspect of keeping a plant or factory running; smaller and more compact options are also useful in the average family home. These types of blowers ensure that air can move continuously while maintaining an energy-efficient level of operation.

High-performance blowers provide increased airflow, which reduces the amount of cold spots in the home and improves the performance of humidifiers and air purifiers. They also feature nearly silent motors, so you may not even hear the system running.

Applications and Uses of High-Performance Blowers

Blowers are common in plants and factories because they help combat pressure rising in pipes that feature components such as filters, grates, valves, heaters, and condensers. They are often deployed with fairly narrow pipes to promote a higher and stronger flow; this can be especially beneficial in scenarios where fumes need to be removed from an area.

Air velocity is also an asset in:R1232-28_Titan_Series_DC_Blower.jpg

  • Transporting bulk goods
  • Accelerating evaporation
  • Scraping products with air knives
  • Blowing off production scrap
  • Cooling
  • Diving areas
  • Creating clean zones
  • Creating air films to allow for smooth transport

Beyond that, the differential pressure created from high-performance blowers can be used to:

  • Fasten material on vacuum tables
  • Transport gas
  • Aerate basins
  • Inflate airbags
  • Carry out vacuum lifting
  • Create overpressure areas and vacuum molds
  • Discharge ballast tanks

Six Benefits of Customizable High-Performance Blowers

When purchasing or utilizing a customizable blower, there are a few key benefits to note:

  1. 1. Intelligent motion controls allow the blower to sense what it needs to do on its own.
  2. 2. Long-term reliability means that you do not have to worry about system failures or parts needing replacement.
  3. 3. Rugged performance allows high-performance blowers to keep working under difficult conditions for extended periods.
  4. 4. Programmable controls make it easy for you to handle how the blower is operating.
  5. 5. Two different models means you can use high-performance blowers in a variety of industries, making them an excellent option regardless of what you need them for; these machines come as stationary models and models that allow for motor or stand reuse. They are found in:
  • Pneumatic conveying blower systems
  • Aircraft deicing
  • High inlet temperature blower systems
  • Wastewater aeration blower systems

6. Flexibility in a range of applications means that you can use high-performance blowers in

  • Combustion air supplies
  • Cooling and drying systems
  • Fluid bed aerators
  • Conveyor systems
  • Dust-control applications

High-Performance Blowers to Fit Your Unique NeedsK5331-37_Titan_Series_DC_Blower.jpg

Pelonis offers clients TITAN Blowers that meet and exceed the above criteria while remaining dependable and operable throughout their life span. These blowers are developed with high-end equipment designs in mind and allow for customization within different applications, including the extra intelligent motion control feature not always found on other blowers.

TITAN Blowers offer enhanced equipment protection and are designed to improve the functionality and efficiency of your factory or home. To learn more about our high-performance blowers, contact us here or call (888) 546-0524.


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