The TITAN High Performance Blower Series

Great Value, High Quality, Rugged Performance

Customizable to any application, the TITAN series of blowers offers intelligent motion controls, long-term reliability, and the highest quality end-system performance of the innovative compact blower lines at Pelonis.

Rugged Performance and High Quality with TITAN

Developed for high-end equipment designs, TITAN blowers require application-specific customization, including the additional features of intelligent motion controls. Designed to improve performance and efficiency, these special features reduce voltage fluctuations, offer enhanced equipment protection, and ensure optimum performance.

Thanks to a full-wave in-board circuit design, added air movement “intelligence” can be added to a TITAN Blower with programmable controls, including:


  • • Inrush Current Protection
  • • Tachometer (Frequency Generator)
  • • Auto Start
  • • Rotation Detector
  • • Life Detector
  • • DC Voltage Signal Control (VPWM)
  •  Current Source Signal Control (IPWM)
  • • Pulse Width Modulation Signal Control (PPWM)
  • • Over-Voltage Protection
  • • Automatic Temperature Control (TPWM)
  • • Manual Variable Resistor Control (RPWM)
  • • Current Limit Control
  • • Constant Speed (Fixed or Programmable)


In addition to their baseline quality, the premier blowers in the TITAN series can be “ruggedized” with ingress protection coatings, making them even more resistant to dust and moisture. Seal coatings on the blowers’ internal components also offer dedicated equipment protection and long-term reliability, even for demanding applications and harsh environments.

TITAN Series Styles

The TITAN series features a full range of five AC and DC blower styles, all with unique features, and all customizable. They include:



B1793 TITAN Series AC Blower TITAN Series AC Blower, the only AC blower in the TITAN line, this unique blower is built with a proprietary heat-resistant aluminum enclosure that functions as a heat sink for cooler surface temperature and reduced wear. It also features soft start operation, an isolated open collector tachometer, and more.


  • K5331-37_Titan_Series_DC_Blower.jpg
  • K5331-37 Titan Series DC Blower, available in 12V or 24V, is crafted with an aluminum base and dual ball bearings. It’s eligible for up to 11 of our optional intelligent motion controls, including life detection, over voltage protection, and PWM.


  • P1232-28 Titan Series DC Blower
  • P1232-28 Titan Series DC Blower, with a similar steel frame and aluminum base construction to the R1232, the P1232 also offers a protective inlet guard. This model is available in 24V or 48V and is eligible for up to 11 optional intelligent motion controls.


  • P1970-36_Titan_Series_DC_Blower.jpg
  • P1970-38 Titan Series DC Blower, available in 24V only, the P1970 is built using reinforced plastic PBT with an aluminum base and impeller. Offering up to 93.0 CFM, it’s eligible for up to 11 intelligent motion controls, including auto start, constant speed, and inrush current protection.

Industries and Applications

From dust control to air quality management and gas movement, Pelonis blowers serve a wide variety of sectors. Some key applications include:

  • • Medicine and medical facilities
  • • Aerospace and defense projects
  • • Heating and air-conditioning systems
  • • Automotive industry
  • • Appliances and equipment outfitting
  • • Industrial cooling and drying systems

TITAN Blowers and More from Pelonis

As a leading manufacturer of axial AC and brushless DC fans and motors, the Pelonis team is proud to offer the top-of-the-line TITAN series. We manufacture and test every product to the highest quality and reliability standards. If you're interested in more information regarding our High-Performance Blowers, check out the "Six Benefits of Working with High-Performance Blowers" infographic!

We are truly committed to innovation in motion, and the TITAN series is just the beginning. Learn more about our product innovation, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing by downloading the full Pelonis catalogue or reaching out to our staff today.