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Crossflow fans are used to stop components from overheating in a wide variety of commercial and industrial products. These fans are typically long, narrow, and use rotating impeller blades to push a steady flow of cooling air over internal components inside protective product housings.

Our innovative new J Series Crossflow Fans provide a highly effective solution for products with limited space for cooling elements. This line of crossflow fans is specifically designed to meet the needs of applications that require:

  • Low noise
  • Operating efficiency
  • Long service life

The Benefits of J Series Crossflow Fans

The J Series provides superior performance for cooling applications in tight spaces. Benefits of J Series Crossflow Fans include:

  • Wide area cooling. J Series fans can be mounted horizontally or vertically to achieve maximum airflow coverage.
  • Efficient operation. J Series fans feature Electronic Commutation, which reduces power usage, offers higher performance, and generates less heat.
  • Direct or angled airflow. The flexibility of the J Series design enables airflow at 180°, 90°, or other angles necessary to optimize inflow and outflow.
  • Speed monitoring and airflow control. Optional features include a tachometer and Pulse Width Modulation that enable users to monitor and control fan speed.
  • Quiet operation. Fans in the J Series product line undergo precision balancing at multiple points throughout the manufacturing process to ensure minimal vibration and lower noise production.
  • Long-term reliability. By using a heat-resistant aluminum alloy to produce J Series fans, we’ve ensured that fans won’t burn out due to temperature exposure in hot operating environments.
  • Quality manufacturing standards. All J Series fans are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO and ANSI/AMCA standards to ensure the highest quality performance and power usage.
  • Custom designs. We can offer a range of customizations on J Series fans, including right/left motor positioning, modified lengths, stainless steel impellers, moisture and dust production, and more.


Conversion Charts for Crossflow Fans

The following conversion tables will help you to select the appropriate J Series fan for your application.

Static Pressure Conversion Table

Pa (=N/m2) mmH2 O = mmAq inH2 O Kgf/cm2 bar
1 1.0197 x 10-1 4.017 x 10-3 1.0197 x 10-5 1 x 10-5
9.80665 1 3.939 x 10-2 1 x 10-4 9.80665 x 10-5
1.3332 x 102 1.3619 x 10 1 1.3595 x 10-3 1.3332 x 10-3
9.80665 x 104 104 3.937 x 102 1 9.80665 x 10-1
1 x 105 1.0197 x 104 4.018 x 102 1.01972 1

Air Flow Conversion Table

m3 /min CFM L/s L/min
1 3.531 x 10 1.666 x 10 1 x 103
2.831 x 10-2 1 4.720 x 10-1 2.831 x 10
6 x 10-2 2.118 1 6 x 10
1 x 10-3 3.531 x 10-2 1.666 x 102 1

Temperature Conversion Table

Fahrenheit to Celsius Celsius to Fahrenheit Celsius to Kelvin
ºC = (5/9) * (ºF-32) ºF = (ºC * (9/5)) + 32 K = ºC + 273.15


J Series Crossflow Fans from Pelonis Technologies

Pelonis Technologies provides a wide range of high-performance AC and DC fans and motors suitable for nearly any commercial or industrial application. For more information about our full product line, please visit our online catalog. To learn more about our innovative J Series Crossflow Fans, please download our eBook.

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