Cross Flow Fans

Used widely throughout the HVAC and electronics industry, crossflow fans produce an even laminar airflow to keep components from overheating. Crossflow fans deliver a fairly two-dimension flow and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. They are used in commercial and industrial applications globally.

Characterized by a long, rectangular shape, crossflow fans are ideal for areas where space is limited. Crossflow fans from Pelonis Technologies are constructed from a temperature-resistant aluminum alloy to withstand high heat environments. They are available in AC, DC and high-efficiency EC types, as well as numerous sizes and efficiencies for any application. Our crossflow fans are specially designed to minimize vibration and maintain a low noise ratio.

Customers can also expect value-added benefits when they order cross-fans from Pelonis Technologies. We implement special coating methods to reduce motor winding noise and improve the service life of our products. We also use high quality bearings with proven quality standards to ensure that our products meet your highest expectations for performance.

In fact, all crossflow fans produced by Pelonis Technologies are rigorously tested for quality and are RoHS compliant. Our highly trained quality control team ensures that our crossflow fans meet industry standards. They use advanced quality test equipment to check everything from fan noise performance and component dimensions, to airflow performance, static pressure, and speed. Our testing extends to quality control procedures that ensure the endurance, durability, and temperature resistance of our products. You can trust us to deliver the results you need.

At Pelonis Technologies, we take pride in producing exceptional AC/DC fans and motors. For more information regarding our wide selection of crossflow fans, feel free to browse our online catalog. If you need help selecting the right fan for your particular application, please contact one of our experts today. We're happy to help.