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As various industries continue to develop new, advanced technologies that require reliable cooling to prevent overheating, the demand for micro blowers is steadily rising. Helmets and head gear, in particular, are being used more often to prevent worker injury and overheating in hazardous environments.

To maintain optimal efficiency and user comfort, these innovation safety solutions require increasingly small, lightweight thermal cooling solutions that consume less power and generate less heat. Ideal for applications with limited space, miniature blowers easily meet these requirements.

How Micro Blowers Workmicroblowers.jpg

Smaller and more energy-efficient than traditional blowers, micro blowers utilize Axial Air-Gap technology, which virtually eliminates power loss at higher temperatures.

In traditional blowers, silicon steel motors feature radial air gaps that are perpendicular to their axis, making miniaturization nearly impossible and often resulting in inefficient operations with high power losses.

Micro blowers, however, operate without silicon steel motors, and their axial air gaps are parallel to their axis, allowing for simple miniaturization. With a long operating life and lower required start-up voltage than traditional blowers, small blower fans also allow for a highly modularized production process and have a low profile, unlike traditional models.

These blowers are used in various industries to provide reliable cooling and protection.

Common Micro Blower Applications

A variety of common industries and applications make frequent use of micro blowers.

  • Military — Miniature blower fans are often used in combat helmets that require integrated cooling technology.
  • Night-vision helmets and goggles — Utilized in various industries, night-vision gear often requires cooling apparatuses to ensure user comfort and safety in high-temperature or challenging conditions.
  • Google Glass, Snapchat Spectacles, and virtual reality devices — These advanced technologies make use of powerful mini computers, which must be kept cool to ensure long life spans and user safety.

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For small-space applications or situations requiring less heat and less power consumption, micro blower fans serve as ideal solutions. An efficient alternative to traditional fans and blowers, micro blowers can also be customized to suit specific cooling needs.

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