Welcome To Our Blog

Pelonis Technologies has been focusing on innovation for over 25 years. Our product development and manufacturing experience allow us to bring our clients excellent quality, prompt customer service and some pretty amazing product innovation. We’ve been able to do all of this while giving our customers outstanding value.

We hope that everyone who visits our blog becomes one of our customers. Most people who take on Pelonis as a manufacturing partner find out that we’re great at building solid, long-term relationships. But we’re also hoping to shed some light on what a big role fans, motors and blowers play in today’s most important economic, political and even recreational issues.

If stop for a moment and think about the world around you, it’s amazing how many things need cooling and exhaust fans to run properly. Everywhere you look there’s a fan. Usually you can’t see it right away, but trust us, from a high-altitude military drone on the evening news to the tanning bed you used to get a base tan before that beach vacation, the world would have a tough time without fans and blowers. And where do they all come from? Specialty, highly experienced manufacturers like the management team and engineers at Pelonis.

In the upcoming weeks and months this blog will be highlighting how our unique products play a critical role in making the world safer, cooler, warmer, cleaner and most importantly, livable.

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