Safe & Environmentally Friendly PTC Heaters

Since the beginning of time, heating things up has always been a tricky proposition.  Even as we have moved far past the basic open-pit fire as a way to bring warmth (though in a pinch it still will do the trick!), we have had a hard time getting away from the dangers of heat generation.  The recent introduction of our PTC heaters has been a big step in removing some of the riskier elements from area heating.

PH2207-L4As we have mentioned in a previous blog, PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient, and it uses ceramic stones rather than resistance wire to raise temperatures.  Right off the bat, this one change takes away a whole host of safety issues. Due to their highly nonlinear thermal response, ceramics act as their own thermostat. This cannot be said for conventional wiring, which, unless directed, will keep heating up well past a safe level.  The ceramic materials that make up the core of the PTC heater will never get hotter than the ignition point of paper, so the risk of fire is slashed drastically.  Of course, this not only adds an extra layer of safety, but as we have mentioned in the past, it also will save you money through incredible energy efficiency.

If you are looking for extremely safe and Green heating, you cannot go wrong with PTC heating. If you want to move up to PTC without breaking the bank, contact Pelonis today and let us tell you all about our high-quality and cost-effective PTC heating elements!

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