Smart Technology & Signal Controls in DC Brushless Fans

As modern computer systems continue to add features and become more powerful, their electrical power requirements increase. Additional integrated circuits create heat within the processors, requiring fans to help keep them cool and functional. Managing the rotation of these fans is known as fan control.

Because they are mechanical, fans are often the first part of a system to wear down or break. Smart technology is now adapting to automatically control fan function, improve performance, and reduce failure. Intelligent signal controls in DC brushless fans and blowers use motion control to automatically manage your fan’s power, resulting in overall energy and cost savings.

Intelligent signal controls help make fans smarter by:AC_Fan.jpg

  • Reducing system noise – In cool offices, fans can keep systems at a comfortable temperature without running at full speed. By reducing the fan’s rotations per minute, the system will instantly become much quieter.
  • Reducing power consumption – A laptop’s power consumption is typically the square of its fan speed. By reducing the normalized fan speed, you’ll automatically cut down on power consumption.
  • Reducing clogging – Reducing fan speed can reduce rate of dust collection, which blocks airflow and increases heat within the system. Intelligent motion controls can also detect when a blade is blocked and automatically restart the fan to address the blockage.
  • Increasing longevity – Reducing fan speed reduces the overall wear on the system over time. Enhanced system performance and reduced failures equate to cost savings.

Engineers have also begun to incorporate this smart technology into everyday life. Nest, the developer of the “learning thermostat,” recently partnered with a fan company known for developing sizeable fans specifically designed to cool large industrial spaces. Together, the companies created technology that integrates air conditioning and ceiling fans without any need for human input. Using embedded signal controls, the fans and AC turn on and off automatically when a person enters or leaves a room.

Pelonis Technologies offers over 1,000 different types of AC and DC fans for commercial and industrial applications. At Pelonis, our value-added Intelligent Motion Controls, such a rotation detection, DC voltage signal control, and automatic temperature control, will increase the overall reliability and longevity of your fan.

For more information about Pelonis Technologies or to learn more about how our Intelligent Motion Control technology can make your airflow smarter, contact us with an inquiry.