Posted by Sam Pelonis | Feb 8, 2012 9:00:00 AM 0 Comments

Remember the last time you visited the beach or went up to the lake? You arrive with clean feet, shoes, bags and car floor mats. You leave with sand or dirt filling everything. Sometimes you find it weeks later in the bottom of a bag you didn’t even bring on that day of leisure. Now imagine you’re driving around a hostile desert in a high-tech military vehicle, and every piece of electronic and mechanical equipment that surrounds you is there to keep you cool, informed and most importantly…alive. Every grain of sand has the ability to clog up and even destroy the fans, exhaust systems and electronics that are there to keep your life-lines working.  It may seem like a small thing, but that same sand that won’t come out of your flip flops, can put a solder’s life in danger.

The engineers and product development experts at Pelonis were challenged by the military to come up with a way to protect fans and electronics from invasive sand in desert settings, and, in other situations, excess moisture.  Seeing that we’re all about innovation, we were up to the challenge.

In order to meet the most demanding military specifications, we designed and produced fan casings and special coatings that were aimed directly at defeating even the most extreme conditions. For sand proofing, we started by creating a coating that would protect any internal electronics. Then we used a similar coating externally to give external components sand- and dust-proofing. This two step process allowed for fans and electronics that could withstand even the harshest desert environment. These same types of coatings also offer a varying level of protection from water.

In the end, the efforts of Pelonis allowed the military to have much more confidence in a wide range of its most critical equipment in the Middle East. Hopefully we kept our bravest a little safer in the process.

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