Celebrating the Holidays with Pelonis Technologies

The lights are up, the snow is falling, and all the latest gadgets and gizmos are making their way onto kids’ wish lists. But have you ever considered how your favorite holiday display gets its glimmer or how the toys in your kids’ stockings get their sound or movement?

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You may not know this, but many of the technologies being released this holiday season use the components we manufacture year-round! While the elves at the North Pole are busy assembling final gifts, we’ve been busy throughout the year to meet the demand for various cooling parts.

At Pelonis Technologies, we specialize in innovative air movement technologies, including items such as cooling fans and blowers, induction motors, and specialty heating products for both commercial and industrial applications — many of which are found in popular holiday gifts, toys, and displays.

How Pelonis Parts Are Used During the Holiday Season

Though it may be getting colder outside, there’s still plenty of need for cooling parts and systems during the holidays. For instance, many toys and electronics — such as video game systems, tablets, computers, and smartbooks — require micro fans and blowers to prevent overheating during use.

Holiday shows and displays, meanwhile, make frequent use of blowers and other cooling devices to keep their performers — who may be dressed in heavy costumes or be performing under hot stage lights — cool and refreshed. Also, holiday decorations and light displays can get very hot very quickly, even posing fire risks.

Our blowers, AC fans, and DC fans help prevent such displays from overheating. Many moving displays also use our motors to power the various decorations and figures. 

And besides gifts, decor, and displays, even your favorite at-home holiday movie screenings may be benefitting from our products, as our fans and blowers are often used to cool the digital and analog broadcast equipment that transmit shows and movies on television.

Summary Catalog

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The holidays are a magical time, and the team at Pelonis Technologies is proud to be producing products that help ensure the continued safety and operation of the many diverse technologies needed throughout the season. To learn more about the products mentioned above and the many other parts and services we offer, check our comprehensive product catalog today.