Blower Doors and the Greening of the World

The world is trying to “Green” everything these days. From the food we eat, to the bottles we drink out of, to the cars we drive, to the homes we own, there is not an industry or sector of society that does not feel the effects of the Green Revolution. However, it’s not just about saving the world, it is also about saving on ever-increasing energy costs. For years, we have just be throwing money away thanks to leaky windows, doors, and roofs. Just eyeballing your home or business won’t find all the nooks and crannies that are costing you a fortune. It is for that reason that the blower door was created.

A blower door is a fan-based machine that you use to measure the true airtightness of small to medium size buildings. In a nutshell it is a calibrated, variable speed fan and a manometer, all enclosed in a mounting system that fits over a door or window.  The fan sends air in and out of the building, pressurizing and depressurizing as the manometer, using complex formulas, measures the amount of air leakage in the structure. It is a great way for contractors and homeowners to test the energy efficiency of a building.   It can find hidden air-loss problems quickly, thus allowing you to save money on both the cooling and heating of a home.

For us at Pelonis it is just another example of how something as simple as a fan may be the key to conserving energy and Greening the world.

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