Axial AC Fans in Vending Machines

We’ve said it before; there are fans in just about every place imaginable.  At Pelonis we’ve been asked to squeeze fans into some pretty tight spaces, especially when it comes to vending machines.

Yes, that’s right vending machines. We weren’t kidding when we said that our fans end up in places you just wouldn’t expect! Not only do these fans have to fit in cramped spaces, but they also have to be reliable, long-lasting, and just plain amazing. 

AC fans are spectacular for situations that call for an even and constant flow of cooling power. The AC fan will move warmer air away from the fan’s own components and then pull in cooler air over them.

A standard AC model is energy efficient, using no more than 100 watts when on high speed. AC fans can be connected directly to a DC power source, such as solar panels or batteries. Since the end goal in units like vending machines is an even flow of cooling power, an AC fan is the fairly obvious choice.

Currently, vending and refreshment industry leaders are trying to get the new generation excited about their services. As the new, hip crowd grows up attached to their technology, the industry is finding new and exciting ways to get their attention.

Cashless payment options, touch screens, and cell phone payment options are all becoming a part of the vending machine design. Companies like Intel® and Cisco Systems® are getting involved, which means the vending machine now has more and more in common with a computer.

And just like any computer you might have in your office, overheating becomes a larger concern with all this technology is included in the new designs.

With demanding technological features, you can see a drop-off in performance due to heat. AC fans are an excellent choice to maintain just the right amount of cooling for these components.

It’s for all these reasons, that we created the PM1225-7 series axial AC fan.  Axial AC fans are used extensively in vending machines to provide cooling where enclosure space is limited.

Our PM1225-7 is the go-to solution for manufacturers who need high cooling efficiency, low noise, and long life, in a slim design. Some of the PM1225-7 feature and benefits include:

  • 4.72” square x 0.98” slim design
  • 120V or 230V
  • 44-67 CFM high air flow cooling
  • 23-37dBA low noise operation
  • High quality dual ball bearings increase fan life
  • Operates at high temperatures
  • Terminal or lead wire connections

So if you have limited space but need maximum cooling, there really is no other choice. Contact Pelonis today and let one of our experts tell  you more about our amazing PM1225-7 series axial AC fan.

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