Medical Industry

Reliable medical care depends on high-quality medical equipment, and the success of this equipment depends on durable, long-lasting components built for optimal safety. To ensure proper component functioning in medical equipment, high-quality heating, cooling, and fan technology must be employed. At Pelonis Technologies, Inc., we’re proud to offer industry-leading fans and blowers specifically designed to support the medical industry.

Our Medical Solutions

honeycomb-ptc-heater.png Honeycomb PTC Air Heater

Pelonis’ medical solutions allow for many customization options, enabling clients to meet unique fan and blower specifications that fit the exact pressure, airflow, and low-noise requirements of the industry. Our components are designed to reduce turnaround times for both large and small orders while minimizing the need for multiple vendors, since Pelonis acts as a one-stop solution for various value-added solutions.

Pelonis medical solutions also allow for reduced power consumption; our energy-efficient cooling products have low operating currents and feature advanced programmable PWM (pulse width modulation) speed controls. And for heating applications, in particular, Pelonis’ safe, energy-efficient fan-forced heating technology allows for the combining of various-sized fans with our exclusive honeycomb PTC heater configurations. For added medical-device protection, fans and blowers can be finished with IP-rated conformal coatings that resist moisture and can withstand high-humidity environments.

Finally, our on-time scheduled delivery programs can effectively complement clients’ Just-In-Time production systems.

Medical Case Studies

The case studies below illustrate how Pelonis products are used in various applications within the medical industry, providing top-quality performance while reliably protecting patients and practitioners alike.


Learn about major medical manufacturer of ultrasound equipment that came to us for solutions when they had concerns about the level of noise and vibration occurring in their machines.

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Why medical equipment companies are turning to Pelonis Technologies for custom solutions through DC fans.

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Medical Device Applications

Medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment employs various types of advanced technology that rely on fans, coolers, heaters, blowers, and controllers to maintain optimal performance and safety. Pelonis products, for example, are used in MRI technology, ultrasound equipment, activity and blood pressure monitors, and infusion pumps and defibrillators.

Below are some of the primary applications making use of our heating, cooling, and motor solutions.


Our heating solutions can be used in the following medical applications:

  • Blood analyzers
  • Diagnostic and medical instrumentation
  • Patient comfort systems
  • CPAP and vapor therapy machines
  • Dialysis systems (in-home and onsite)
  • Fluid warming solutions for treatment and sterilization
  • Wound treatment solutions
  • Microbial identification devices
  • Breathalyzer and chemical-trace devices


Pelonis solutions also help support various cooling needs. For instance, long-term bedridden patients must have mattresses capable of circulating air in order to prevent pressure sores and other health risks. The B1793 Titan Series blower properly dissipates heat and features soft-start operation to reduce electrical surge and wear on internal components. Below are some other medical applications making use of our cooling technology.

  • Defibrillators
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • MRI equipment
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Radiofrequency energy systems
  • Medical equipment and electronics


Pelonis motor solutions can also be used for several different applications within the medical industry, including:

  • Medical centrifuges
  • CT scanners
  • MRI and diagnostic equipment
  • Airway clearance therapy solutions
  • Patient lifts, beds, and mobility equipment
  • Infusion pumps
  • Oxygen concentration and generation equipment
  • Medical pumps, blowers, and compressors
  • Surgical instruments such as saws and drills

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