Overview of Pelonis Technologies' PTC Air Heaters

Simple to troubleshoot and easy to maintain, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters have become the go-to heating solution for many compact applications. With a slim footprint, high efficiency, and fast thermal response times, PTC heaters are ideal for use in everything from underwater projects to electric vehicles..

PTC Heaters From Pelonis

As a leading manufacturer of specialty heating solutions, the Pelonis Technologies team is proud to offer top-of-the-line PTC air heaters. To learn more about our PTC air heater products or discuss our full catalog of Pelonis heating solutions, reach out to the team today.


Fin PTC Air Heaters have self-regulating characteristics and will not overheat.This results in better conductivity, greater operating efficiency, a stable electronic response, and longer life expectancy.


The internal heating elements are fully claded in a sturdy aluminum structure in order to reduce exposure to air and to withstand high levels of humidity and vibration. This method of protection also prevents loosening of the individual heating pellets and eliminates oxidation which can lead to eventual power reduction and shorter life expectancy.


Fin PTC Air Heaters can be supplied in various sizes based on customer requirements and can also be configured with outer frames, thermostats, fuses, axial cooling fans, and protective shields to provide a complete single source assembly solution. 

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