Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heat conductors and natural convection heaters are safe, energy-efficient choices for many different product designs. These products are available in a range of sizes and mounting options for ease of installation, and can be easily tailored to the application at hand. Some models include aluminum extrusion fins, which allow for effective heat transfer into ambient air without the use of a fan, while other models can be installed with standard fans, allowing for use as effective air heaters.

PTC heat conductors and natural convection heaters have self-regulating characteristics and will not overheat. This results in better conductivity, greater operating efficiency, stable electronics response, and longer life spans.

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The Benefits of Working With PTC Heat Conductors

PTC heat conductors offer a range of unique benefits. These conductors offer self-regulating heat control, as well as high heating efficiency and high reliability. Plus, their robust design allows for multipower heating in a single heating unit.

PTC heat conductors allow for high heat retention and easily maintain a constant temperature. Their silver-coated elements ensure a longer service life, better conductivity, and stable electronic response. And because these heating solutions are insensitive to voltage fluctuation, a voltage change will not affect their current or output power.

These heat conductors do not follow Ohm’s law; their surface temperature does not change when power regulates with ambient temperature. PTC heaters are also very safe, and do not burn when coming into contact with paper, matches, or clothes. And finally, these heaters have no smell, no radiation, and little to no noise — offering a distinct advantage over fan heaters.


Common PTC Heat Conductor Applications

PTC heat conductors and natural convection heaters can be used in various applications, including:

Motherboards for computers and other electronic devices
Steam irons
Medical devices
Beauty treatments
Moisture control
Frost protection
Medium- to low-heating products 

PTC Heat Conductor Design

PTC heat conductors and natural convection heaters are available in standard sizes and configurations, and custom models can be designed according to customer requirements. Height, width, length, fin design, fixture hole location, lead wire exit location, and wire terminals can all be tailored to meet specific application needs.

Key design considerations include voltage, tube length, max power, surface temperature, and wire length. Pelonis heat conductors are available in a wide range of voltages, from 3 V to 520 V. Tube length can be customized for large quantities, and power is based on PTCs with a 240 °C (464 F°) surface temperature. The actual wattage, however, will vary depending on the contact material, heat sink, heat dissipation area, ambient temperature, air flow, and product design and application.

Surface temperature refers to the temperature of the aluminum exterior on LCH-type conductors. The surface temperature correlates with the heater power, and increases or decreases with it. Therefore, the heat dissipation condition also will have a strong impact on the surface temperature. For Pelonis heaters and conductors, the standard wire length is 210 mm.


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