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Without a well-designed ventilation system, food production applications risk contamination from outdoor elements such as mold, insects, humidity, or dirt. At Pelonis Technologies, our engineers help you to prioritize food quality and facility comfort at every step of production. Food and beverage manufacturers may need more than standard HVAC systems to achieve appropriate ventilation. Additional blowers and fans that vent heat, fumes, and exhaust from machinery and equipment are critical for any facility that handles cooking, baking, or other food production processes.

Our Solutions

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Every part in your heating and ventilation system plays a crucial role in the safety of your finished products. Food production operations will require:

  • AC Blowers

    Raw materials used in food and beverage production need to be stored in appropriately cool conditions. Our AC blowers come in standard or high-efficiency models to meet the cooling challenges of any application or facility.

  • DC Fans

    Fans push the air to remove contaminants moisture in commercial and industrial spaces. Choose fans that meet or exceed OEM and FDA specifications to ensure safe storage and standardized food processing.

  • Flexible Heaters

    When the temperature drops, food storage facilities need reliable heating. Flexible heaters offer excellent thermal stability for superior temperature control. These heaters can be cut and made into complex shapes, making them ideal for applications ranging from small space heating to dehumidification.

  • Crossflow Fans

    Hot and cool air won't circulate without adequate cross-ventilation. Our crossflow fans establish even airflow in storage and food processing areas. In addition, our crossflow fans are specially designed to reduce noise pollution and offer long-lasting durability.

Applications in the Food and Beverage Industry

Our quality assurance teams can monitor your current systems and recommend state-of-the-art upgrades and replacements designed specifically for use in your industry. Food and beverage production applications that may benefit from Pelonis airflow technology include:


Hydronic systems require consistent airflow and temperature control to protect exposed root systems. Without soil to insulate the roots from sudden temperature changes, the plants can go into shock or have reduced output at the end of the growing season. Use Pelonis's heating and ventilation solutions to:

  • Control humidity
  • Maintain a baseline facility temperature
  • Limit exposure to external contaminants

Bread, Cereal and Grain Production

Air control is critical when handling flammable food materials such as flours or starch. Industrial fans remove powder and dust buildup to mitigate the risks posed by these food products. In addition, fans assist in removing excess humidity in storage facilities that can rot or contaminate shipments. Industrial fans used in these applications must be ATEX compliant.


Bacteria grows faster with access to water and humidity. Cross-ventilation lowers the risk of contamination in produce storage and processing facilities by whisking away moisture from recently washed produce. Cross-ventilation also removes moisture during industrial dehydration processes. Standardizing the dehydration of fruits, vegetables, and meats significantly lowers the risk of bacterial growth and lingering moisture.


Industrial kitchens need to meet high airflow standards to protect food components and human workers. Placing industrial fans directly above cooking and food preparation helps to dissipate heat, food odors, and contaminants created during food production.


Food manufacturers use industrial fans to cool down recently cooked food products on conveyor belts and to facilitate proper airflow in industrial refrigeration. Cold storage facilities must also ensure proper airflow to avoid stagnant air, reduce moisture that can lead to ice buildup, and to maintain uniform temperatures.

How the Food & Beverage Industry Meets Heating and Cooling Requirements

In order to choose the right temperature control and airflow system for your food and beverage application, you need to know the regulations for your industry. Positive Temperature Coefficient heaters see broad usage in food warmers, temperature-controlled containers, and coffee hot plates. PTC heaters also perform safely in confined spaces and produce an instant flow of air that is 50% hotter than coil or ceramic chip heaters, offering improved safety over other heating solutions.

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Heating and Cooling Systems from Pelonis Technologies

Appropriate mechanical ventilation is critical not only to preventing contamination, but also for maintaining food quality and providing an optimal environment for workers on the production floor. Insufficient airflow can result in employee injuries, damaged products, or product recalls.

At Pelonis Technologies, Inc., we pride ourselves in leading the industry in heating, cooling, and air movement technology. We work with clients in a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, to help them design and implement the airflow solutions they need to operate successfully and efficiently.

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Pelonis is proud to offer a full catalog of high-quality food and beverage heating and cooling products tailored to clients’ exact needs. To learn more about our work in this industry and how we can help with your unique application, download the Pelonis catalog today.

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