Micro Motors

Pelonis Technologies' innovative Micro Motors are uniquely engineered for high quality, value and performance to meet the needs of today's demanding applications.


The Need For Miniature Motors

Today's nano technologies and portable electronics require miniature lightweight motors that have low power consumption, low electromagnetic interference, and increased life expectancies.

Micro Motors are innovative miniature solutions for applications that have limited space with restricted power budgets. They manage heat generation effectively, are energy efficient, have low EMI, and have a long operatring life.

Micro Motors Quick Reference Chart

ModelVBearingRange (V)mARPMWeight (g)
RVN1004 3 Axially-Grooved 2.8~3.3 48 7000~9000 1.5
RVN1305 3 Axially-Grooved 2.8~3.3 48 7000~9000 2.7
RMS1306 5 Axially-Grooved 4.5~5.5 66 18000 4.5
RMT1306 5 Axially-Grooved 4.5~5.5 66 16000 4.5

Brushless Commutation Technology

Traditional motors use brush-type technology that limits product life and long-term reliability.

By using Brushless Commutation Technology and axially-grooved bearings, Micro Motors are smaller and more energy efficient than traditional small motors. They have an extended operating life and can last up to ten times longer than their brush-type counterparts.

Vibration-Alert Notification

Micro Motors also include vibration notification functions that enable portable hand held devices to alert end users.

Micro Motors can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Portable medical devices
  • Portable computers and electronics
  • LED lighting
  • Smartbooks and tablets
  • Portable hand tools
  • Mobile phones
  • Vibratory cooling modules
  • Blue-tooth earphones
  • Alert functions for portable electronics
  • Touch panel vibratory feedback systems
  • Portable razors and personal hygiene products
  • Massaging goggles
  • Wearable exercise and health monitoring devices

Micro Motors are better alternatives to traditional small motors for portable, handheld, and other electronic equipment that require energy efficiency, long-term reliability, and vibration-alert notification.