Aerospace & Defense

At Pelonis Technologies, Inc. (PTI), our team of engineers is known for their innovation in air movement technology. Our cooling fans and blowers, induction motors, and specialty heating products serve some of the world’s most demanding commercial and industrial applications.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of powerful, energy-efficient solutions designed specifically to serve the needs of military-grade applications. Crafting top-quality custom components to meet stringent military specifications, we provide specialty design and production capabilities for fan casings and offer unique coatings and optimized components to suit even the most extreme conditions. No matter how tough the environmental challenge, PTI has a solution.

Specialty Products and Applications

dc-fan.png DC fans

Pelonis fabricates the fans that make modern technology run. Some of our most distinctive military-grade components include:

  • AC fans
  • DC fans
  • Micro fans
  • AC blowers
  • DC blowers
  • Micro blowers

Working With the Pelonis Team

Fans and blowers from PTI can withstand more than just harsh weather; our critical-application components — such as satellite equipment and aerospace fans — perform at top capacity even in outer space.

Even the Pentagon relies on independent commercial contractors to launch and maintain about 80% of military communication tools. Highly innovative and efficient, these satellite systems are an excellent example of the cost-cutting opportunities afforded by the use of smart technology. Our team offers complete solutions for a huge range of today’s technological challenges, with key features and benefits including:

  • Customizable airflow, pressure, and noise performance to meet military-grade fan and blower specifications
  • Energy-efficient cooling products that reduce power consumption, lower operating current, and make use of advanced programmable PWM speed controls
  • An exclusive honeycomb PTC heater configuration that can be combined with a host of fans for safe, efficient forced air-heating technology
  • Moisture and high humidity-resistant fans and blowers with IP-rated conformal coatings for medical applications
  • One-step service for value-added projects
  • Quick turnaround and reduced lead times for orders of all sizes
  • On-time scheduled delivery

Defense Case Study

Recently, PTI’s engineers and product developers were faced with a unique challenge: finding a reliable solution to protect sensitive military fans, exhaust systems, and electronics from the destructive forces of sandy desert environments. Sand is a natural enemy to these critical systems, and soldiers’ lives rely on them daily.


Our team started by creating a specialty coating to protect any internal fan electronics from excess wear. We then developed a multi-step process to protect and fully dust-proof the design, applying a similar high-performance coating to the external fan case to ensure sand and dust resistance throughout the entire system. Even the harshest desert environment was no match for this solution.

Read the Case Study

Medical Device Applications

Medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment employs various types of advanced technology that rely on fans, coolers, heaters, blowers, and controllers to maintain optimal performance and safety. Pelonis products, for example, are used in MRI technology, ultrasound equipment, activity and blood pressure monitors, and infusion pumps and defibrillators.

Below are some of the primary applications making use of our heating, cooling, and motor solutions.

These versatile, high-performance air management solutions can be integrated into all types of applications, from helmets to imaging systems. Some of the common applications include:


Applications make use of various types of fans and blowers. For example:

  • Miniature blowers are an ideal fit for limited-space applications.
  • Compact components serve as an excellent solution for applications requiring user comfort and optimal efficiency.
  • Helmets and headgear with integrated blowers help prevent user injury while maintaining comfortable temperatures in hazardous environments.


Cooling with DC fans is employed in a range of different systems, such as:

  • Army analytic data systems and computers
  • Military technological devices and computers
  • Radiators
  • Gas evaporation tools
  • Airpark radio control systems
  • Airborne imaging systems
  • Industrial computer systems and server storage


High-performance motors designed to:

  • Perform at robust levels with long life spans
  • Adhere to stringent military standards
  • Withstand water submersion
  • Allow for low-noise operation

Pelonis is proud to offer a full catalog of high-quality aerospace and defense heating and cooling products tailored to clients’ exact needs. To learn more about our work in this industry and how we can help with your unique application, download the Pelonis catalog today.

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