HVAC Axial Fans

HVAC axial fans efficiently move large quantities of air in high static pressure situations. Air movement is parallel to the shaft of the fan. Our HVAC axial fans are AC driven and can generate 677 to 14,714 CFM of airflow. Available sizes range from 290 to 800 mm. 

With high-efficiency inlet designs, lubricated maintenance-free ball bearings, and vibration-free operation, HVAC axial fans operate in temperatures from -30° to +60°C with 40,000 hours of operation.

At Pelonis' the focus is on quality and versatility, that's why the company offers a variety of models of HVAC Axial Fans. PTI has highly trained engineering and quality control teams, special test equipment and stringent testing procedures that include high temperature testing, as well as L-10 life testing procedures. The use of dual airflow machines, micrometer equipment and anechoic chambers ensure optimum production quality that meets or exceeds our customers' requirements for high-efficiency, low noise axial fans.

Axial Fans are designed to draw air from one side of fan blades and then release it through the opposite side. Pelonis manufactures axial fans to be very versatile. The versatility is due to the engineering that allows them to move air or exchange heat for wide range of industrial applications. The axial fans are built to meet demanding performance requirements that include: static pressure, efficiency airflow and noise. Axial Fans are RoHS compliant. They are available to customers in various voltages, and are fabricated in accordance with international standards.