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PTC Heaters Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters

With over 25 years of industry experience, Pelonis Technologies is proud to offer a variety of reliable, high-performance heating solutions, including PTC air heaters, ultra-thin flexible heaters, temperature controllers, and immersion heaters.


PTC Air Heaters

Extremely versatile, our PTC heaters can be used in various applications across multiple industries; to meet these diverse needs, we offer two types of designs: honeycomb and fin. Our fin PTC air heaters have several advantages. They’re designed for optimal safety, and, because they self-regulate, there’s no risk of overheating — which means they also offer superior conductivity, efficiency, and longevity. Our fin PTC air heaters are offered in various designs; low air resistance and high-heating efficiency models are available, and single or double insulation can be used. Pelonis honeycomb PTC heating discs, meanwhile, are made from an advanced ceramic material with over 1,200 holes to enable safe, energy-efficient heat transfer in small spaces. Honeycomb holder assemblies are available in three-, four-, or five-disc configurations, and custom orders are also available.

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters

Thanks to their unique physical and electrical properties, our ultra-thin flexible heaters offer superior performance and more effective heat transfer than other options on the market. With thin construction and a low-mass design, these ultra-thin heaters are well-suited for applications with limited space. Featuring built-in nanotechnology that provides greater flexibility, these heaters also transfer heat more efficiently and evenly than foil-imprinted heaters — resulting in faster heat-up and warm-up times. Other benefits include easy installation, lower electromagnetic radiation emissions, and reliable thermal stability over a wide temperature range. Pelonis’s flexible heaters perform well under critical operating temperatures ranging from -200 °C to 210°C.

Temperature Controllers

We also offer a diverse selection of temperature controllers, including micro, four-phase, and digital temperature models. These innovative controllers allow for accurate gauging and automatic regulating of heat levels in a given system, helping to protect against damage caused by dramatic temperature changes. Our temperature controllers can be easily customized to fit specific application and regulatory needs.

Immersion Heaters

Offering high thermal conductivity, our ultra-high-temperature ceramic immersion heaters allow for better efficiency than other metallic and nonmetallic heating elements. Self-regulating and eco-friendly, Pelonis immersion heaters are built for optimal user safety. They also have excellent insulation properties, and can be used in both water and air. In fact, they can heat up to 1200 °C in a dry environment (or up to 25-watt density) and can achieve up to 98% heating efficiency under water. Our immersion heaters have high withstanding voltage; they will not break even when applying 2500 V for a full minute. Providing excellent corrosion resistance, these heaters can withstand various types of aggressive fluids, such as acids and bases.

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