DC Fan for Respiratory EquipmentThe medical industry is credited with producing many life-saving innovations and the health of millions of patients around the world benefits from these technologies. All aspects of medical devices, including the mechanics, electronics, and hardware, must have reliability built-in at the design stage.

At Pelonis Technologies, Inc. we maintain a leadership position in manufacturing custom cooling fans engineered for optimum performance, long service life, and excellent energy efficiency. We manufactured the custom DC fan highlighted here for use in a piece of critical medical equipment. Our imperative was to deliver a product that performed its specified function reliably and adhered to strict quality, traceability, and safety standards.

A manufacturer of respiratory equipment needed a low-noise fan to deliver adequate cooling of the components in a mechanical ventilator system. The requirements also called for custom wire connectors and a custom label. Our very knowledgeable Technical Sales Consultants worked side-by-side with the client to determine the full scope of the project, from product specifications to labeling, packaging, and scheduled delivery timelines.

Based on thermal analysis, our engineering team developed a solution to provide excellent temperature stability within the given space constraints. It consisted of a high-speed, DC fan operating at 24 Volts to deliver airflow of 101 CFM at a pressure rating of .384 inches H2O. Featuring a near-silent sleeve bearing design, the fan measured 120 mm in length x 120 mm in width x 32 mm in depth. It incorporated two wires with custom connectors for interface to the ventilator system’s power control and a custom label printed with the part number.   

Our fan successfully passed stringent customer testing for performance and reliability. Field-proven to be extremely compatible with their mechanical ventilator equipment, we have been supplying this fan for more than six years. As an active and valued member of this client’s supply chain, we meet all of their mandates for carton labeling and electronic data interchange with their internal logistics system.

Characterized by our solid engineering skills, flexible manufacturing systems, sophisticated quality controls, and responsive customer service, we are positioned to meet the ever-changing needs of the medical equipment industry. Contact us today to learn more about how our custom solutions can benefit your application.

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